Your Journey Begins

With Aviking By Hoof, your journey to learning about the mythology of Viking explorers who first came to Newfoundland Labrador, starts here. Through fun Live Action Role Play games, you can choose an ancient go or goddess to play, a legendary creature like an elf or giant and be a part of “The Eddas” in a special way. At the same time, you can explore the vast beauty of western Newfoundland’s Gros Morne region. Please be sure to explore all our offers and choose the destination just right for your next vacation.

Rugged Coastlines

Amazing tours and fun adventures are waiting for you. We’ve even added Pirates and Mummers to our LARP themes. Take home unique souvenirs. Treat yourself and see our offers.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Meet different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes. Choose to learn some Newfanese lingo, stop into a seafood restaurant, pop by a museum, book some extra time at a coastal B&B, cottage or RV park while here to explore your acting skill and combat prowess.

Upcoming Tours and Destinations

From mountainous wilderness locations, forest trails and breathtaking beaches we offer socially distanced Character Hikes, Warrior Workouts, Workshops in Elvish, Runic and Celtic Knots plus micro Live Action Role Play.

What People Say

We booked our small group LARP package with Aviking By Hoof and it was simply incredible. They took care of everything, even our packing list!

William & Megan James

SpecialĀ DealsĀ and Last-Minute Offers

Book a unique tour at a great price! Grab a last-minute offer from local accomodators and start packing for your memorable vacation.

Crocker Cabins

A few minutes walk from the beautiful Trout River Pond.

Ocean Breeze B&B/The Beach House B&B

Right along the beautiful Trout River harbour front beach and boardwalk area.

Tableland Cottages

Let the soothing sounds of the Trout River comfort you while you vacation.

Exclusive Offer

Get 15% Off Your First Trip

Who doesn’t like a discount? Book with us your first trip today and receive an exclusive offer on workshops, costumes & micro LARP.

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