First time LARPing? No problem!

Costumes, weapons, story and location go hand in hand for a successful Live Action Role Playing adventure. If you have several days to enjoy the area, we recommend a pre-game hike on one of many breathtaking, Trout River Trails while wearing at least a token part of your character’s costume. They are called CHARACTER HIKES and can be booked Monday thru Thursday for morning or afternoon. Capping at groups of 10 per hike, for safety and better experience, these routes will take you to wonderful camera views of the coastal community, mountains, rivers and forest. The goal is to stay in character – be who you are going to play – for the entire hike.

If you’re nervous about your warrior moves and handling a LARP weapon for the first time, come out on Friday evening for a WARRIOR WORKOUT. These will take place on the beach in Trout River every Friday evening at 6:30pm until 7:30pm. Great ice breakers! Don’t worry about your physical abilities – the goal is to have a blast and get used to weapon use technique while tricking yourself into some exercise.

WEEKEND LARP no matter the theme is composed of two days: Day 1 is about introductions, rules, game map, characters, fun activities, hints for successful gameplay, prizes in the game revealed and more! Day 2 is game on! LARP play commences at 1pm and finishes up at 7pm rain or shine.

Once you’ve registered online, we will send you a storyline of gameplay with a detailed gameplay section.  You will be given a character type but you can create your character’s personality and look. If you need advice or help in any way, just ask! We will be going over these materials on DAY 1 in case there are any uncertainties. Also included are some language hints (Runic, Elvish and Faerie scrawl) that you can study to prepare.

While there are no refunds, due to the gameplay cap of 54 players, we can transfer LARP tickets from one event date to another should you have something come up.  



3 thoughts on “First time LARPing? No problem!

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