Beautiful Newfoundland

(above photo courtesy of Jason Blair Rogers, staff photographer)
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I cannot say enough about the area we call The Gulch, here in Western Newfoundland.  It is a route of the highway that connects coastal community Woody Point to coastal community Trout River.  Mountains loom on either side, rock filled streams gurgle past, caribou hop through ponds, the occasional moose wanders past… and it is just incredibly beautiful.Power BI Online Training by Edureka

The Gros Morne National Park is a place like no other.  There are flat mountains, like the Tablelands, plantless outcroppings of orange rocks, stunted, little, wind-warped trees, pitcher plants and juniper shrubs, pyramid-shaped mountains like Point Hills, large, tree covered cliffs, bubbling rivers and waterfalls.

It is so expansive and so different from one section to another.  The villages and towns interspersed within and around it are physically remote from one another.  It gives you the feeling that you have stepped back in time.  You can breathe the salty air, listen to the wind, pluck berries from the ground and just be.  That’s the gift of Newfoundland.  You can just be.
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Aviking By Hoof wants you to have time to experience Newfoundland on your own terms. We offer weekend LARP events, that you can book admission for morning, afternoon or the entire day(s). We have workshops that take only an hour. We’ve got group packages for your family, team or business colleagues that span up to 6 days with fun, Live Action Role Play themes that are based on the beliefs of the Viking peoples who discovered this island and its indigenous populations before England, Spain, France or Italy. Plus, we’ve got neat souvenirs to bring home to your favourite people, inspired by the beauty of this magnificent place, lovingly known as The Rock. GeekBuying.comWhether you are planning your vacation or already here on the island, we hope you come spend some time learning about the writings of Odin, trying some Wiccan remedies for nightmares or anxiety and perhaps, donning a costume and trying out your acting skills during our Live Action Role Playing events. Aviking means exploring. We hope you come aviking with us.Geekstore


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