January 24, 2018

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Of vampires….

woman-gothic-dark-horror-39628.jpegThe first LARP we will be holding as a WEEKEND LARP experience is Vampires on The Rock.  The Rock is Newfoundland’s nickname.  Anyone who knows me personally, knows how much of a vampire fanatic I am.  I have a vampire novel underway but couldn’t resist putting them into a LARP game as well.  What I wanted to do is create some base players for the staff to portray that really set the mood for our visitors.  Without revealing too much of the plot and undercurrent for side missions, I will just warn you all that those who know their vampire histories will be at an advantage.

That being said, those histories are legends and anthropological accounts told from the human side of the spectrum.  Do I really believe in vampirism? Yes, I really, truly do.  Am I offending any real vampires with this LARP?  I truly hope not.  In fact, I hope some of my customers are genuine Sanguinarians.  They do not have to disclose this to anyone.  So long as no humans really attack any vampires and no vampires really attack any humans we are good.  Gaming is gaming.  And in the world of gaming, all are equal, except of course, those who are better gamers.

Hope to see you here June 9th and 10th!FREE Exclusive Mini Volkswagen T1 Camper Van with purchases of $75 or more!  Valid 9.1.13 - 9.30.13 or while supplies last.


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