The Two Sides of You


LARP offers you more than a chance to exercise, interact with new people, get outdoors in different surroundings; it offers you a chance to get YOU back, by ironically playing someone else. I know it seems illogical that a fictitious story plot, characters that are not always even human, extravagant costumes, makeup and wigs could somehow magically set your soul back into plain sight but it works.


.When you don a costume with the intent to portray a specific character, you put thought and energy into getting the look right. You need people to instantly recognize what you are, for the game sake. Your physical stance, movement, choice of words, battle methods all tie in to the character. This is your freedom from the everyday stresses of the world. You are no longer you, while larping. You are whomever you choose to be. And therein lies the wisdom.makeup-art-performance-street-163852.jpeg

Life is an open script, much like a LARP event. What character you choose, depends upon YOU. It may not seem that way, on a day to day basis, but if you can stop for a WEEKEND LARP and be someone more enjoyable, why can’t you switch into someone more enjoyable for your everyday life. YOU can be as charismatic, fabulously dressed, or physically assertive as YOU chooses to be.







3 thoughts on “The Two Sides of You

  1. I feel you and have fallen I to the same trap, however I learned to listen to my soul and prioritize. Balance is very important for me these days to take care of myself and not provoke and RA flare. Some tasks will go unfinished to nourish my soul and in the end I have to be ok with it and weigh what’s more Important. Sure it’s nice to have everything completed, but not at the cost of killing yourself. Be good to yourself and best of luck.


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