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Faerie Bells & Elfin Spells Spoiler Alert


The setting for this LARP is 900 AD, west coast of Newfoundland. Vikings have docked their larger ship in the harbour and wandered by smaller “rib” from the river to the lake-like pond guarded by an mountain in the form of an Elephant Head.



There will be only 8 initial Viking characters available, so if you wanted to play as a Viking, our early bird, online $49 registration would be the best bet.  Now, that being said, there are other Vikings in the storyline, that will become available as character options through gameplay.  They have been taken hostage and transformed.  Without giving a whole lot away, those 8 Vikings have stepped into a beautiful land that is waging a war amongst its magical inhabitants.  There will be 20 character openings for Indigenous Peoples.  There are 5 character openings for Straylings.


Faeries Bells & Elfin Spells will each have 30 character spaces available.  Preferably, people of shorter stature will choose to be faeries, but LARP is a game of choice and I am sure that the odd, taller faeries will be wittingly handled as part of the gameplay.  Elfin are closer to human height, but more distinctively nonhuman in their features than faeries who can be mistaken as children.  Coming to play LARP as a family?  I would suggest putting the kids down as Faeries. 0ab51c31040c13790a4b4c1aa102ac25

Newfoundland Faeries have gotten a reputation for being tricksters that use their childlike appearance to fool intruders and leave them lost in the woods. Many tales also described “elf blasts” in conjunction with “fairy memory distortion” and wings were disputed.  Elves were described in some stories as if they were the adult fairies, but a lot of alcohol was also involved, so I am sticking to Winged Faeries and Elfin Peoples as separate species that often cohabitate the same area and work together against common enemies.



This will be a game of hide and seek, treasure hunts, character swaps, fight and flee battles.  It will be high energy and also educational.  Players will need to learn battle moves, blocking moves, certain plant’s medicinal properties, translate messages from Elvish to Runic, and form protective Faerie Rings.


On another topic, I noticed Uma Thurman promoting some adorable slippers that resemble Fairy Bells Plants that look extremely comfy and help Habitat for Humanity that were really neat and for a great cause.
Fitflop CA



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