March 12, 2018


Newfoundland Ponies

Come the switchover from horse pulled wagons, horse pulled plowing, haying devices, logging sleighs and tamigans to that of modernized vehicles, farm machinery and snowmobiles, the Newfoundland Pony became scarce.  Many were sold to auctions for glue or meat.  The breed, which originated from various European ponies and horses, came to be unique for its ability to withstand the harsh winds, strong cold winters, damp weather, bogs and forests rather than fields with sparse grasses.chimneycovepasture

Today, people are attempting to bring back the Newfoundland Pony. The coastal community of Trout River, Newfoundland uses a community pasture located in nearby Chimney Cove (our featured image shot) for summer turnout of horses, ponies and cattle.  The animals make the long trek themselves in the fall, back to the community following one of the trails we offer.  See our complete Trail Rides package options.



You can help Aviking By Hoof establish a healthy herd of these adorable, intelligent, little equines in a closer pasture, more easily reached by staff and visitors alike.  By purchasing handmade Newfoundland Country Ponies, you allow us to purchase real Newfoundland ponies and have them delivered to Gros Morne area of Newfoundland. You can check back on our website for updates or sign up for our our monthly newsletter called The Pony Diaries beginning in June 2018.


These little versions are 22″ high from hoof to ear tip and 22″ long from nose to tail.  Various materials make up the outer shell.  They are stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fibrefill. Manes and tails are yarns of wool, acrylic, cotton and/or chenille.  Each one is named after a designated area of Newfoundland and given a map like birthmark of the province.


Assorted Patchwork $74.00 CAD
Real Pony Colors $74.00 CAD
LARP inspired $74.00 CAD
Custom * $174.00 CAD

For more information on the Newfoundland Pony in general go see the Newfoundland Pony Society Website.  The real ponies you help buy will be here for people to enjoy when they come visit.  You can choose to have your name, a child’s name, or horse loving friend’s name placed on the real pony’s stable door on the “thanks to” plaques we are engraving; every 10 ponies sold brings one real pony here!

brinopony Thank you!  Hope to see you here this summer!



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  1. interesting read about the ponies and what a great way to raise funds.

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