March 16, 2018

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Day/Night Dilemma

I do so want to hold the first Aviking By Hoof 2018 season Weekend LARP “Vampires On The Rock” in the dark because, well, only certain vampires can stand sunlight and it just doesn’t seem fair!  But realistically, from the standpoint of an organizer who has a responsibility to ensure gameplay is held when it is safest and most convenient for players and other campers in the area, we will be holding all events in the daylight.

How will this affect battle? Am I automatically stacking the tides in favor of the Vikings?  Well,  possibly.  I guess that will truly depend upon the brilliance of the gaming Larpers who come out to play.  You see, some people do things casually; others do a lot of background work.  They don’t just pick out a costume.  They pick out a character, fiddle around with personality quirks and backstories, then they begin deciding how to convey what they’ve created to the other players who – well – cannot read their mind.

Costumes are the great nonverbal expressers.  Armor and weapons choice also says a lot about a character without that player actually saying a word.  Weekend LARP does give you two full days to interact with your team, your enemies, your allies and your indifferent but we’re hoping that its like having a just one spoonful of ice cream.  Its a tease compared to the Dramatic Intent 6 Days of LARP option.  Plus on the flipside, there’s also another Weekend LARP of your favourite theme later that summer, which can never truly be a repeat because with each new player, the game changes entirely, and if you’ve had a chance to mull things over, you won’t be making the same mistakes next time either.




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