March 22, 2018

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As a Live Action Role Play special events co-ordinator and script writer, I want people who love larping to know about what I’ve put together.  I also want people who would like to attend my LARP to know what their options are with regards to costumes, weapons, armor, etc.  At Aviking By Hoof, the scenic Gros Morne area is a major part of our appeal, aside from the events themselves.

With that respect, I realize other places offering Live Action Role Playing events are not truly my competitors, but colleagues in an interesting field of outdoor gameplay (pardon the pun).  As of late, I am frustrated by various internet hosting websites attempting to take large chunks from LARP sales and request banking information to do so.

Many LARP events held in places with large populations can offer their events free of charge.  Some events are free for first time players.  Some LARP organizations are run through volunteers and are nonprofits.  Others, like Aviking By Hoof, hope to be a source of employment for local gamers, crafters, and students.

So I am welcoming ALL types of LARP eventers to post their listings through AVIKING BY HOOF on a LARP COMMUNITY page FREE of charge.  I think the benefits of this activity need to be promoted.  Sell your tickets on your own page, showcase your listings on ours.  You keep control of your money.
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