May 7, 2018

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Battle Backdrop


Aside from honing your battle skills, letting go of stress and realities woes, meeting new people and having a lot of fun, Aviking By Hoof offers you the amazing backdrop of western Newfoundland’s Gros Morne while you LARP.


Just walking from one playing field to the next offers amazing views.  This road also leads to the Trout River Pond campground of Parks Canada.


We are very excited here at Aviking By Hoof, because although there is still plenty of snow around, the Pond has melted and we can tell how the winter has affected the spots we wish to designate as LARP character faction sites.


Civilization may appear nowhere in sight, but that’s the great thing about Western Newfoundland.  Communities are in little pockets amongst the mountains and shorelines.  The town of Trout River is just to the left of this road, only a five minute walk to reach – though you’d never know it from the view.




Interesting geological structures are everywhere, from the looming Elephant’s Head mountain overlooking Trout River Pond, to mountains that resemble pyramids (Point Hills), odd rocks atop plateaus, and reptile like rocks on the ground.

IMG_20180506_195635 (1).jpg


Gros Morne National Park has a wonderful campsite right in the Trout River area that offers the feel of privacy within a multi-section campground with lots of amenities.


So come aviking with us, explore this amazing place, take in all that beauty and peace; then let your inner Viking (or Faerie, Elf or Mountain Troll) unleash fury upon your LARP enemies during one of our themed Weekend LARP events.





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