June 16, 2018

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Extra Energy

Now at first glance, extra energy seems like a straight forward good, positive thing, doe it not? Everyone wants to have extra energy to get more things done, get things finished more quickly and feel exuberant at the end of their work day so they can enjoy what matters most to them – time with family, friends, pets and so forth.

I read two great blog posts today – one about our physical need for sunshine and the other about Tarot Cards – that got me to thinking. Sunshine cures internal cancers, eases depression, kills molds and mildews, provides you with vitamins but when The Sun has a storm and sends out an arc or radiation towards The Earth circuits can literally get fried.

Electricity has this wonderful power to magnetize things. Motivational speakers will refer to this again and again, that your excitement, your energy can act as a magnet pulling others to you to help your cause. Two much energy in power lines however, can blow the transformers and leave everyone in the dark. Too much electrical/magnetic current running beneath cities via bedrock can disrupt computer systems, electrical panels and people’s blood chemistry.

Our blood chemistry you say? Yep. In fact global wars can be linked to solar flare activity. It won’t just affect human moods either – even docile animals like deer and cows can become aggressive and hostile due to receiving tooo much of the sun’s storm wave. A storm is a destructive force and this storm has the ability to travel invisibly through things, people, plants, rocks even.

What does this have to do with Tarot Cards you ask? Well, I purchased “Green Witch Tarot” deck by Ann Moura yesterday and the “Faeries Oracle” by Brian Froud. Normally when doing Tarot readings I do not touch the cards myself, as this would infuse them with my energy, which is VERY strong – and sometimes unstable (like the Sun) but reading today about fortune teller’s never letting anyone touch their cards to avoid it interfering with their ability to read them made me wonder.

After reading Tarot for folks I am usually drained of energy and suffer an irritating migraine. However, some people seem to infuse their energy into the cards so that afterwards upon putting everything away I receive an energy surge that is almost dysfunctionally powerful. I feel as though spirits have been left behind. I almost have too much information about the person and cannot shut it off. I am normally very cold all the time; when this happens I will be as warm as someone with a fever or me after I’ve accidentally ingested garlic.

So I am ging to test this theory and try things a different way. I am curious to know from the fortune teller’s side of things, as well as the client if their energies have been adversely affected after a reading. Given over a hundred people I have communicated with these pas two weeks have noticed lately their moodswings have been haywire, desire to settle down and become family oriented ignited in the adamantly single and animals being extra attached to thei humans I think something is going on.

How does this connect to Aviking By Hoof – well, most of my LARP themes are connected to the gods/goddesses of the Vikings, the Asir or Asgardians. These were sun gods. Thor, the sun of Odin, The Allfather and Jord, an Earth Giant plays a prominent role in the stories of his wandering father. What do you get when you mix sun and earth energy? Electricity of course…. and a child who becomes the God of Thunder. Loki, Thor’s adopted brother, is biologically a Frost Giant – an enemy of the Sun Gods. Baldur, his half-brother is full Sun God. Baldur, however, falls victim to his jealous adopted brother’s plan to throw their world into chaos by causing the Sun God to become a companion of Hel, his daughter who resides over the dead. How can you be a giver of life and also a ruler of death?

The Sun, our Sun, is a ball of gaseous fire. Without it there would be no life on Earth. Too much of it, in too close a range, and we would become like Venus or Mercury. Too little and we would become cold, dead, like Uranus or Neptune. Perhaps Helheim is on Mars, interestingly enough named after the Roman God of War. Split right in half with night and day, hot and cold it is our closest celestial body that poses the most potential to hold life, but it does not spin. Perhaps at some point in time its magnetic poles reversed in polarity and the effect was to create a standstill. It still orbits the sun, but its days and nights are no longer cyclical, just everlasting.

I’m sorry, but nobody’s touching me Tarot Cards but me….all of this reflection makes me think there is something to the theory of keeping the energies contained, like a protective atmosphere. Blessed be. If you’d like to incorporate some local Wiccan methods into your journey of discovery here in Newfoundland, by all means let me know. Blessed be.


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