June 22, 2018


Newfoundland and The Fog


I have typed The Fog as if it were a name for a persona on purpose.  The Fog of Newfoundland seems to have a mind of its own and does not like to go without a daily appearance, even on a fine day.  Today, for example is absolutely beautiful and sunny, but an hour ago, while up checking on my lead horse Vance, The Fog was out in all his glory.


There are times, while cleaning up after the animals, collecting herbs or gathering straw that I feel like I am being watched.  It isn’t a threatening or ominous feeling, more like my presence in the serene wilderness is a curiosity, particularly since I most likely have petted horse, goat or chicken and carry that scent upon me.  What must I be, this human that weaves in and out of trees and hops from bog plant to bog plant.IMG_20180622_103147IMG_20180622_103131.jpg

Is it the fog watching me, or perhaps a wild animal, such as a moose or caribou.  They are very adept at keeping out of sight, particularly amongst the evergreens and alders. Every now and then they must cross an open area, such as this “mish” across from our tiny barn here in Trout River.  Visitors take note that “ponds” can be lakes and “mishes” are swamps.

“Squished” means flattened and most directions are somehow connected to sailing – in case you get lost “all turnt around” and ask for directions – and despite having never commandeering a boat you’ll most likely be referred to as “skipper” if you’re a man, “misses” if you’re a woman, “aboard” is what you have in your vehicle, and should you encounter the word “clusterfuck” do not be offended, it merely refers to a traffic jam- and by no means a traffic jam in the sense any city dweller is used to.  In fact the word “traffic” just means vehicles, period, not any amount of them.Dazzlepro Elements Sonic Toothbrush

The weather is drastically different in Newfoundland than it is even on the island of Cape Breton where you will take the Marine Atlantic Ferry, if coming by boat.  Because of snow in the mountains and The Fog, even a warm day can have a hint of a roaming chill to it.  Trails go high up into the mountains, where the air is cooler still and I’ve found beaches and water spots hold their coolness.  So, if you are sick of sweltering heat, smog and unending sunlight, this place will be your paradise!  If you are used to warmth, I recommend a sweater or two, cozy campfire blanket and set of rubber boots, just in case.IMG_20180622_103159_edit.jpg





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  1. Great post and phenomenal photos 😀

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