You’d better Knot!

Celtic knots are beautiful, alluring, intriguing and instantly recognizable. The celebrity symbols of the Vikings and Celtic peoples, they adorned clothing, accessories, hunting utensils, battle-wear, weapons, jewelry, books and rocks in the past and today.  Binding a spell into a knot, was a special sort of way to trap bad energies, protect families from harm, save memories from fading away with time, even defeating enemies.

Runic writing is often seen accompanied by or surrounded by Celtic knots.  Runic letters are the predecessor of the English and French alphabets.  When writing in Runic, however, one should write from right to left.  The sound “ing” has its own symbol and there is no confusing hard or soft “c” just a separate symbol for “k” sound and “s” sound.

Book a runic writing workshop, make a neat souvenir to take home.  If you have the time, you can even book a rune reading – a method of fortune telling, Viking god Odin used to predict the future (generally takes an hour) or a method of coin/rune reading.


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