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Volunteers Needed

Have you ever dreamed of Live Action Role Play but were not sure of spending money on a game you hadn’t tried before?  This fall, during the week of Halloween, Aviking By Hoof is attempting to bring you The Mountain Troll Festival which was postponed from July due to lack of ticket sales.

Our festival is based on the premise that global warming has unlocked the sleeping mountain trolls in the region, who have also managed to keep alive their Viking prisoners from long ago in a frozen sleep.  These creatures love blocking water routes, disrupting travellers and eating people.  They find it funny to ask questions of their prey they believe only they know the answer to.

Enter Newfoundland Mummers.  These loud, ugly stick thumping, accordion playing, odd dressed folk with covered faces boldly challenge the monsters to a mock Olympics of sorts, hoping to trick them into retreat (THE TROLL GAMES).  They then battle them outright during MUMMERS VS MOUNTAIN TROLLS.  Challenge them to a sand art showdown (TROLL SAND SCULPTURE CONTEST).  And finally, make friends with the creatures MOUNTAIN TROLL STROLL.

If you have imagination, love interacting with people and having fun, then this is your venue!  We would also love to promote any cool hairstylists who might be available to do some wickedly neat hair art or makeup artists who love transforming people into characters.  As always, anyone who does art inspired by the Viking peoples and any aboriginal artists/artisans interested in displaying their designs or playing roles in our LARP games that represent the aboriginal peoples of Newfoundland and the spiritual beings of their ancestors’ legends PLEASE contact to join us.




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