Fighting is Good

Arguing, however, can be stressful.  Fighting, as in Live Action Role Play combat, running uphill swinging a foam replica of a broadsword whilst your opponent counters your attack with a foam axe is great exercise.  It also allows you to fight – in a safe and legal manner – which modern day rules and behavior codes do not allow us to do on a daily basis, at least not without getting you thrown into jail.

Fighting is instinct.  To deny your body its instinctive right to defend itself is to set off emotional triggers that attempt to infuriate you to the point of allowing you to fight.  Stress?  Yep, that’s your body’s inability to process the reason you haven’t taken a physical stance to a problem.  But, what can you do?  Its not like you can keep your job after knocking your annoying coworker Ken through a wall, even if its a partial wall on wheels.

Enter the LARP solution.  Invite your colleagues to join you in a “fun” LARP weekend where you can beat the snot out of one another with safe weapons and in full battle gear.  If you don’t intend to lose – and who wants to lose – you have to be gung ho about the game.  Its just competitive nature.  And combat games are best played with frenemies after all.  And who are the best kind of frenemies – the ones you have no choice but to keep.

Now remember, you are no longer Dan, the marketing representative for section 8 while on the playing field; you are Swarthy Redbeard the dreaded Scotsman.  You aren’t confined by a suit and tie.  Your true warrior presence is allowed to exude itself in leather armour, wrist wraps, a kilt and battle shoes.  Guns are for wussies – you’ve got a mean ass sword; true, its a LARP safe replica of a medieval battle sword, but it is a sword that you can wield against your sworn enemy: Ken, account manager in section 9.

There may be no missing fax sheets here, no deadline jabs, no dumb coffee jokes but as sure as god made little green apples he’ll do something to set you off.  (I’m not sure which god is responsible for the tart, little green apples, but its a Newfie saying) Today, however, you won’t have to bite your tongue. You won’t even have to suck up to your boss, Ms. Woodrow, who ironically chooses to play as an Ice Giant, to make sure you can keep your paycheques coming.  You can plow through her too on your way to taking down Ken.  Fighting is good.



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Vampire loving, LARP storyline writer, hiking enthusiast, horse obsessed, witchy woman. Vampire aimant, écrivain storyline LARP, passionné de randonnée, cheval obsédé, "witchy" femme.

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