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Seven Thors

Let’s say you’ve decided to take part in one of my Aviking By Hoof LARP events.  You’ve chosen the Realm Collide theme, which is based on Loki (of Scandinavian old religion) transporting people from all different time periods and realms to a strange and grand feast.  His motive?  That’s for you to find out during gameplay!  But how do you choose WHO to portray?

Royal Albert Canada

For the weekend option, this LARP allows you to really choose anyone from history or your imagination.  The goal, is to be either recognized or idolized for your creativity.  But what if, and it can happen when great minds think alike, more than one of you decides to portray the SAME character?  My first instinct was to rule that out, by making the first registered Thor, for example, be the ONLY Thor.  But then I thought, wouldn’t it be amusing to have seven Thors show up to a grand feast.  How would we know who was the genuine Thor?  A battle?

And that is the truly unique experience that is LARP – one theme can produce an unlimited amount of differences each game, merely because we are all so different, but also because sometimes we think to much alike.  Let’s forget Chris Hemsworthy for a moment – okay, let’s NEVER, EVER, forget Chris Hemsworthy for even a moment, but let’s put aside the Marvel take on Thor and try to go with what The Allfather described his son to be like.

How would you make YOUR Thor stand out?  What would be important aspects of his costume and look to emphasize?  What weapons and armour (aside from the obvious-Mjolnir) would he sport?  Would his legendary red beard and goat pulled car be important in your tribute to the god of thunder?

There are oodles of costume makers out there in the realm of online websites, aside from those physically within reach. You can go budget savvy and raid your local Salvation Army or Thrift Store or purchase a generic Walmart costume.  Perhaps you are making your own costume and it is fabric stores you must search through for the right textile to compliment your design.

What about weapons?  Choosing LARP weapons is a tad tricky, because they have to look real but they cannot be dangerous.  There are thankfully many foam based weapon designers who actually guarantee their work for LARP battles.  Armour?  Come on, surely you thought of armour?  Even my banquets end in some sort of combat.  One must always be ready for anything.  It would be a very “unviking” type of event otherwise.

My point?  There will always be SOME different aspect to the portrayal.  Some detail thought through differently.  Even if seven Thors are the Marvel character type, purchased from a licensed costume store/aisle that makes movie based outfits there will be differences in the hair, the beards, the walk, the talk, the gestures.  Loki will know his TRUE brother.  They have known each other for over a two thousand years after all.

IGXO Cosmetics
So if you do hair, makeup, costumes, props, prosthetics, weapons, armour, or accessories and want a way to showcase your talent, then leave a comment with a link to your website so potential Aviking By Hoof larpers can look you up!  Blessed be.

Koh Gen Do Cosmetics


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