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If you’ve never owned a goat, I highly recommend them for pets.  You must be careful  not to leave them near anything you don’t want nibbled, however. They have the most adoring, expressionate little faces and eyes with side slant pupils. Our boy goat smells very strongly no matter what you do with him, but he is mild mannered and quiet.  The little girl likes to let you know when she’s not happy, or rather if there is anything bothering her or her mate (because he doesn’t speak out for himself).  When she’s happy she looks you right in the eye and winks.

woman wearing black shirt white goat at daytime

Photo by Brett Sayles on

These little critters are two toed – devil’s feet – cloven hooves and can climb with ease.  They prefer to scramble up places to take naps, places your cat or raccoon would curl up, places you wouldn’t expect a 50 pound goat to be.  They also stand up on two legs to reach things and can stay upright for a surprising amount of time.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see one walk towards me like a person.  The boy goat curls his upper lip to show his teeth when he finds something funny and my surprise at his human walking ability is hilarious to him.

three brown and white deer grazing on field

Photo by Brett Sayles on

I wonder at times did an oversized jackrabbit mate with a small deer?  The legends of jackelope – horned, crazy bunnies would make sense if it were possible.  They kind of have camel quality to them also, where they can kneel down at will, or when they are unwilling to cooperate with your intentions to move them.  Brooksie likes to throw a drama queen fit and hurl herself sideways.  She pretends to be one of those adorable fainting goats and then jumps up.  She is not a fainting goat; with her its a complete act.  She just doesn’t like people making decisions for her.  Gus Gus just trots along smiling.

close up of rabbit on field

Photo by Pixabay on

We have the daughter of a cabbit – cat/bunny mix.  What I would love to acquire or enable is a morse – horse/moose.  There is a very friendly moose, who mimics Vance’s whinnies and snorts quite well, who follows my gelding from field to field as we alternate his pastures.  I cannot wait to bring or buy some mares here.  The moose who has a crush on Vance is a girl.  She watches me clean up after him, tend to the chickens and goats and then bounds off when I pass too close.  I just hope she doesn’t get killed during moosecow.jpg hunting season.









(I haven’t been able to get a clear shot of my moose so I will use this one by Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Brooksie is not sure of the moose.  She panics is Vance is not close by.  The horse is amused by our goats but does not appreciate them trying to hide beneath his belly – which has happened several times this past month.  Brooksie even managed to drag him right up against her little spot the other morning.  He just stood there, looking like a teenager whose parents have bribed into babysitting, waiting for me – Boss Mama – to arrive and comfort the little goat.

Our god Thor is fond of goats too.  It is written 220px-Mountain_Goat_Mount_Massivehis horses were not strong enough to pull his car and so he used two large rams.  Given our 50 pound, pygmies can drag humans about with ease and put up as much resistance as a 1000 pound horse, I’d say mountain goats, who can weigh over 300 pounds would be quite capably strong.  Plus, goats are not timid animals like horses.  They head butt, stand their ground and charge when threatened.  Sounds like a pretty good fit for a warrior god.

brown and beige wooden barn surrounded with brown grasses under thunderclouds

Photo by Pixabay on

Do goats know where our Thunder God is today?  I’m pretty sure; they are full of secrets – you can tell.  The weather itself seems to pause at times, amused with the goings on of these adorable little creatures.  So I recommend if you are trying to stop time and get some balance in your life, get a goat.





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