March 24, 2019



I was greeted by a spider this morning, in my bathroom sink. It was the first one I’ve seen for months and took it as a sign that spring might actually be here. Large, dark brown, with visible fangs. It stopped and seemed to pay attention to me when I asked it where it came from and where I should put it. But then, I accidentally washed him/her down the drain trying to wash my hands; it was a memory blip thing, not an intentional arachnid hate crime, I promise you.

I have a theory and perhaps it is one that won’t be well met in the pagan world of believers, about an eight legged steed belonging to our respected Allfather, Odin. Its a gene altering theory. I believe the horse had spider DNA. The leaping and climbing – those are spider attributes. Plus many etchings show an attachment coming from his body that could be a web. [I also believe that when it was referred to as a grey horse, it was a dapple grey (blue roan) and not white with black skin like my former Arabian Cassiopeia who was listed on her registration papers as grey also.] Smoky, elusive, able to blend; I’m placing my bets on dark grey.

The whole Loki shapeshifter, gender altering story aside, I got the feeling that our boy the Silvertongue could be a gifted chemist, not just an open minded, sexually talented individual. Perhaps his children – all described as monsters that sought to eat the gods and goddesses – were his creations, rather than his genuine flesh and blood. Horses, snakes, wolves. Odin transformed bugs into elves; what if the Allfather did this through mixing bug DNA with Midgardian DNA? He shared a blood pact with Loki; perhaps he shared a lot more knowledge as well.

Heimdall was in charge of guarding the 9 realms and came from 9 different mothers. He was able to see into each of those realms. A medium is able to tap into their ancestral lines, so why wouldn’t this great warrior be able to tap into the ancestors of those DNA strands he was made from? Is it that far fetched? Think about the goat spiders(or should they be called spider goats) that were created through genetically mixing DNA in Quebec for the purpose of creating bullet proof thread. It worked – after so many trials. I wonder how many goat sized spiders we have running around in the Canadian forests now? I wonder if any were named Sleipnir?


3 thoughts on “Sleipnir

  1. That is a very interesting theory. And the eight-legged horse … steed … mount, which is a spider, creates its web around the pole star … world tree, Yggdrasil … from which Odin is able to reach any part of the world … northern hemisphere anyway … in a swift swing.
    This fits so well with the quint I’m writing (have written, am now prepping for publication) *The Spinner’s Game*. And shape-shifters, and shamans and … hmmm ….
    Most interesting theory.

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