March 26, 2019

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Wisdom of the Candle

Energy is tricky. Too much and too little often cause the same symptoms. While one does not allow the body to function properly because it cannot fuel it; the other fries the circuitry with too much power until it shuts downs in overload crisis.

Living in small communities can be isolating. Living in extreme isolation can be liberating. Living in midsize communities can be overwhelming. Living in large cities can be rejuvenating. How is this possible?

Physical exertion is more likely to be used while you are in extreme isolation. Being outdoors, at ease, carrying out tasks, enjoying a hike, planting a garden….these are stress outlets. They literally allow stress to leave your body and go back to the planet.

Living in and amongst strangers that are busy enough to remain strangers gives you an invisibility factor. Your life can stay private. Gossip is not in control. Life is fast paced and focused. The result is freedom.

Being unwillingly forced to remain indoors or cut off from civilization will have the opposite effect if no physical or mental exercises are performed to burn off the accumulated, excess stress from containment and electrical devices like computers, television, cell phones, microwave ovens and so forth. Stress is merely a form of energy. Too much energy also results in stress. Its a double negative.

People added to this situation can cause explosions – emotional outbursts, tension, arguments and fist fights. Company, when you don’t feel like company, is toxic. Retreat to a safe space, where you can get out about and start working off that excess energy.

LARP workouts are fun! So you ordered a new sword for the upcoming Live Action Role Play you plan on attending. Let a warrior cry rip free from your lungs and attack the shadows. Scramble up that hill, struggle through that stream, crawl on your stomach, with that sword carefully out of harms way. (The irony is weapons must be protected)

Put on the full ensemble. Leather, wool, linen, metal – they add weight, add resistance to simple movements. If you make someone smile, remember, you’ve just shared some of that energy overload. Positive energy eats negative energy. So its okay to breathe in the positive feedback; it is health in its purest form.

Now you may need company. Other LARPers company. Much better to race for the end of the ball field with four of you dressed liked Viking warriors than merely one. You won’t even feel the need to explain to passers by then. Teams don’t get questioned. Teams rule.



One thought on “Wisdom of the Candle

  1. What an unusual hobby … I have the beautiful outdoors right here 🙂

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