I was taught in school that the sun is 93 million miles away from Earth, that if it died, light would still shine on for another 100 years, such was the understanding of time, energy and speed of light.

I’m going to give you an exercise that challenges that theory. Its based on the belief that the Sun is not merely a ball of fire and gas millions of miles away. Many religions have “Sun Gods” such as Odin, Baldur, Apollo, Amun, Malakbel, Saule, Surya, Apati, Inti, Sol ….and the list goes on. Indeed if you are open minded and historically curious, you will learn that many god families have existed for centuries before mainstream religions took hold and the Sun God Tribes or Clans were widely dispersed and believed in across the globe.

I have a little way for you to connect with your sun god or goddess and the sun itself. It merely involves love. Breathe in the warmth of the sunlight around you and exhale with joy and thankfulness. Tell the sunshine that you love it, that you are grateful for its light, thankful it has chosen to shine down upon you, that is warmth is important to you. Treat the energy you send in the same way you would a loyal guardian, pet or closest friend.

I can say Odin three times and it will immediately be brighter…not in a 100 years, but within minutes of my focus upon the sun. (Now, Odin is from my Celtic roots. You can choose a sun god from your own culture and it will work as well.) I can tell the sunshine how much love I have for it and immediately it will break through the clouds to share more warm beams of light….not in 100 years but within seconds.

Try for yourself. On this day of Thanksgiving, I would like to remind everyone that sunlight gives life to the world we live on. It nourishes the trees, flowers, grasses, seaweeds and plankton. In turn, without this foundation of green, from which all life begins its food chains, we would have nothing. Our blood chemistry, moods, bone density, skin quality, even resistance to disease is linked with the amount of sun our bodies absorb.

Wicca is a term for witchcraft, the religion of life, of energy in the “green” or “wick” of things. Break open a dormant tree branch in winter. If the vein is green it is just sleeping. If there is no green it is dead. I am thankful for the sun. Blessed be.

Published by BossMama

Teacher, secretary, behavioural therapist, linguist, artist, designer, Wiccan, Vampire-fiction fan, LARP storyline writer, hiking enthusiast, horse obsessed, Mommy to an assortment of furred and feathered babies. Enseignant, secrétaire, thérapeute comportemental, crivain, artiste, Vampire aimant, écrivain storyline LARP, passionné de randonnée, cheval obsédé, "witchy" femme et Maman à un assortiment de bébés à fourrure et à plumes.

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