Spring is just a winter away!

So don’t throw out that Christmas Elf costume! Aviking By Hoof has Business Conference Packages for work teams in the spring. Choose the LARP (duke it out with foam weapons) style of human resource development or the calmer, WORKSHOP approach with lessons in Elvish, Rune Magic, Celtic Knots a Character Hike and game of Viking Chess (Hnefatafl).

Photo by Tim Savage on Pexels.com

Pre-registration is required and groups get discounts! So once winter has been defeated by the Spring Fairy, gather your team of work mates, family, friends or frenemies and come aviking with us on a grand adventure in western Newfoundland! In the name of business! Because after all, business is war and LARP war is fun! See your team this spring!

Be sure to share! There is a capped number of participants, per three day Business Conference sessions, so register early to get your choice of characters and team slots! Request your business invitation today.

Book now for spring avikingbyhoof@gmail.com 709-451-6311 http://www.avikingbyhoof.com     BUSINESS WORKSHOP OPTIONS While we cherish grabbing an intimidating foam sword and shield and charging into a mass of enemies, we understand that some of you are not ready for that kind of action yet.
  Workshop business conference options allow you to send up to seven members for three days of Elvish Lessons, Rune Magic, Celtic Knots, Character Hikes and Hnefatafl (Viking Chess) .

Photography packages will be available to capture the fun and while there is no battle component, aside from the Viking Chess game, you can still use LARP safe, foam weaponry to accent your costumes. Group rate is 3 days and up to 7 players at $570* (that’s equal to 2 participants free) Individuals are $30/day*          
At Aviking By Hoof, we recognize the tough world of business for what it is. No matter what the company goals are, you need a loyal, intelligent, creative, fearless workforce dedicated to achieving them. 

Our LARP business conference options allow you to send up to seven members for three days of “Learning through Larping” in quaint, coastal Bonne Bay communities and Gros Morne National Park settings. 

Your workforce team is assigned a character type when they register.  They can choose how they physically represent this character with costumes, wigs, and accessories. Costume/weapon rental options will also be available if needed, but pre-registration is required. Because of the battle component of these group exercises, we recommend choosing Calimacil, LARP-safe, foam weaponry which is made in Canada. 

Group rate is for 3 days and up to 7 players $855 * (that’s equal to 2 players free)  Individual players for 3 days play for $135   *Costume and weapons rental fees are not included in this price. For Character Hikes that take place in Gros Morne National Park a valid Canada Parks Pass is required .   
Themes vary from month to month beginning in May 2020 so please see LARP Schedulehttps://avikingbyhoof.com/home/larp-schedule-2020/

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