Indigenous Viking?

As Ancestry keeps reworking their DNA analysis of people to tbe point where tbey are afraid to link potential Native American tribes to people’s profiles out of embarassingly pulling. Beothuk North Carolinian.

I will play devil’s advocate here for a moment. Why couldnt the North Carolinian woman have Beothuk DNA? What if Viking travellers had Beothuk crewmembers aboard who left them to stay in North Carolina?

Love draws people to new places all the time. This or these men/women may have been there long enough to forge relationships, preferred the climate, got along with tribe members of that area and decided not to go back to sea.

What are your theories?

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One thought on “Indigenous Viking?

  1. Vikings and Native Americans definitely had connections. The Vikings called the Native Americans ‘chips’ because they were tall and skinny. They traded with each other and crossbred with each other. This is known history, but I also believe the connection goes back even further. The races of Atlantis and Lemuria intermingled too. This history I have uncovered is not as widely accepted.

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