Elves and Fairies

Hi, this is Boss Mama and I’m presenting my Elf/Fairy dilemma for you to debate further. LARP season begins in May with our first annual FAIRY FUNDRAISER for the MAKE A WISH foundation. I set the date for MAY 1st, because it is FAIRY DAY, MAY DAY, Belfast, Celebration of Spring, etc. It seemed pertinent to making the event memorable.

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Spring is NOT just for fairies though; winter is NOT only for elves. There are dominant forces from either clan in all seasons. We Midgardians (humans) lately, have leaned towards the feminization of fairies and association of warm temperatures to their presence; whilst elves have been stereotyped as tiny men in striped winter socks who spend their time crafting toys, slaves to a jolly, fat man who drives reindeer.

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I honestly feel we have stolen the traditional clothing style of the Sami people and subjected it to our Christmas “fairy tales” of Santa Claus and his elves. For the Elves of our LARP events, I am going with the more serious, high tech, refined and not so sociable, godlike beings from Odin’s nine realm universe. Players can choose to be Light Elves or Dark Elves and their backstories can be canon or trivial.

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Elves have their own language, which was written in Runic at the time of the Vikings. They also wrote things in their secret Elvish scrawl, that is similar to Hebrew writing. There is a debate about elves and angels. if you’ve read the Bible, you will notice all the angels names end in “el” . Some historians suggest that this is because prior to the Hebrew god Yaweh being worshipped, there was another god named El, who was quite popular for a very long time. As one religion took over from the former, the two merged and sons of El became sons or servants of God. Some folklorists believe that El is short for Elf and that a High Elf was originally worshipped as a god by humanity – the High One is another name for Odin the Allfather or could it be Alf Fadu?. Elf and Alf are often interchanged and Light Elves are from Alfheim.

But whether Buri, was a Light Elf who then married another Light Elf to produce Bor or married a Giant is not clear. Bor is attested to have married a giant named Bestla, who is the mother of Odin, Vili and Ve. So even if our gods were part Elf, they were also part Giant. And since they created humans in their image, it isn’t a stretch that there could be an intermingling of Elf and Midgardian.

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“and the sons of god saw that the daughters of Man were fair and they went down to them and begat children. They were giants in the earth then.” Take Man to be Manheim and the revelation that Giants existed on the planet and that giant women were beautiful enough to seduce Elvish males, Vanir or Angels…depending upon your understanding of the matter.

What of the fairies? Aside from Peter Pan, what do we know of fairies? Nature is linked to their emotions, they have a creative force power that can transform inanimate objects into living beings, they know magic, they are extremely emotional and of course, they have wings. Or do they? History will tell you that names that end in Fae, Fe, or Fer are short for fairy, that certain countries were ruled by fairy folk. The Vanir, or rivals of the Asir had similar features, abilities and also managed to stamp “van” at the beginning of many a last Scandinavian name.

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Could Lucifer be a loose translation of Loki Fairy? That one opens a whole new kettle of fish. Stay with me for a moment, though. Both are smooth talkers, intelligent, attractive, jealous, power hungry, deceitful, change bringers, world destroyers, leaders, sons of god and brothers to a more favoured son….

But that brings us back around to the “are elves and fairies the same thing?” question. So I leave it up to you to decide.

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