Love Triangles of the Gods

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Don’t you absolutely love learning about Nordic Mythology? The lives of the gods and goddesses are better than any soap opera on Netflix, Cable TV or Satellite today. Take for example the three love triangles above.

Legends say that Njord fathered (with his sister) the two children named Frey and Freya, who in the midst of the war between the Asir and Vanir, got kidnapped and taken as hostages by Odin’s family. Instead of using the babies as bargaining tools however, the god family becomes smitten with them. They even give little Frey Alfheim “The Realm of the Light Elves” as a first tooth gift. Little Freya, the most beautiful little creature they had ever laid eyes upon next to Baldur, was given Folkvangur.

But, I interject, was it possible that these babies were Odin’s children all along? Could Njord’s wife Skada be the true mother of the twins? Was their relocation to Asgard not a military tactic but the product of an affair with Skada, Njord’s wife, a giantess both Odin and Njord had feelings for? Skada and Njord’s relationship was so strained that they lived in two separate kingdoms and eventually, she left to live in Asgard with Odin and the adopted babies of Njord.

Skada is not officially credited with being the mother of the twins, however Odin wrote: “Night was the child of a giant who fell in love with an Asir named Delling and had by him a son the Day.” Now Freya is called Queen of Night and Baldur’s nickname The Morning Star. Delling translates to “the dawn”. Hel is indisputably the child of Loki. This leaves two possibilities for parentage of the famous “Vanir” twins: one, that Njord’s sister Nerthus is their mother but their father is Loki; or that Skada is their mother and their father is Loki.

Loki, that silver tongued schemer!

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