Realms or Planets or Countries?

I’ve noticed a trend amongst historians lately to dismiss the old, pagan religions as merely stories that explained natural happenings. Some dare to say Odin, The Allfather was not a powerful Asir god but three different men bearing the same man, ruling countries in Russia and Scandinavia and declaring themselves deities. The nine realms were nothing more than the nine planets observed from the sky and given personalities from their color and size in relation to one another. Some also say the realms could be explained as places vast expanses from one another, here on this planet….what we would call continents or perhaps merely nations that existed separately from one another. Way to downplay, eh?

A lot of this theorizing stems from the fact that we have never yet met Elves or Fairies or Vanir or Asgardians or Trolls so how do we know they really exist? There are plenty of tales of these creatures but they are fables, stories told by people with imagination or drinking habits. The fact that there are Giants amongst the human populations is dismissed as gene mutation. It would seem, that while NASA scientists excitedly explore Saturns moons in hopes of Earth meeting intelligent life within their lifespans, our modern historians are steadfast in proclaiming humans are the only intelligent and self aware beings out there. What’s up with that?

Biologists are your friends if you are pagan because they support the legends with scientific facts to back up their opinions. Of course some gods could be invisible….invisibility is just the inability to be seen, which can happen when an object is too bright or too dark … look at chameleons….at one point in time the entire human race may have been vampires and just gradually became omnivors….people being created from trees makes more sense than making people out of clay…well so far using plants vascular systems for support networks we can generate new organs by adding blood and tissue cells…back from the dead….well look at frogs who seem frozen all winter and then thaw in the spring….crocodiles and snakes who go into an involuntary state of dormancy when they get too cold….oh and karma exists….if we make it impossible for our friendly honey bees to thrive in our modern environments, their carnivorous counterparts will regain control of the area – they don’t need flowers to survive, just meat.

Published by BossMama

Teacher, secretary, behavioural therapist, linguist, artist, designer, Wiccan, Vampire-fiction fan, LARP storyline writer, hiking enthusiast, horse obsessed, Mommy to an assortment of furred and feathered babies. Enseignant, secrétaire, thérapeute comportemental, crivain, artiste, Vampire aimant, écrivain storyline LARP, passionné de randonnée, cheval obsédé, "witchy" femme et Maman à un assortiment de bébés à fourrure et à plumes.

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