Because I am the devil

I cannot help but envision the boys from Hell’s Angels coming to play at LARP Gros Morne 2020, particularly entertaining would it be to witness them at the Fairy Bells and Elvish Spells LARP as members of the Fairy Clan and Elvish tribes, with stock market brokers joining the battle as Vikings. It would be such great advertising and the posters would be so fun to create.

It was suggested to me rather innocently – in the way only a person not realizing a Celt is very different than a Christian, can do – to hold some LARP events at the campsite which is to this day run by the Anglican Diocese and called Killdevil Camp, near Lomond in the Gros Morne National Park region. (I kid you not) They also recommended Lomond on the other side.

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Now don’t get me wrong; I was actually a brainwashed Anglican myself for many years, attending church services and trying to convert the lost sheep to Jesus. Then it came time for my first communion and I had a very serious discussion with my mother and grandmother. To them I was about to make a pledge to a terrifying and horrific entity.

They considered this conscious devotion to a god that would throw a child into a lake of fire for not being baptized to be something to avoid or protest against. Look what the Christian god allowed his human creations to do to Jesus? And for what? So future generations could murder, steal, commit acts of violence and treachery and be forgiven if they spoke to a priest and confessed their sins…he had his son die – be tortured and die – for that? And where was his wife? In the beginning there were two of them, creating men and women in their own images….by the time he’s ready to kill family members to save his creations, she’s long gone from the equation. Needless to say, the logic of Celtic women saved me from my first communion.

All that aside, I still have the nagging, inquisitive part of my soul aching to go out and see whether the camp would be a good LARP location. People have told me good things…like the beach is nice and there are fields and inside eating areas…..But could you get proud pagans or a bunch of bikers to show up at a Church Camp? And what would the owners think of events based on the writings of a different god and his family of gods and creatures not recognized or mentioned in the Bible?

Yes, I know of The Good Sheppard – Thor!

I am also terrified I might not make it back to the road. After all, I am the Boss Mama. I am the Canadian Ambassador for The Asatru Community in Atlantic Canada. In the eyes of the Anglican Church, I may be the devil. And they called their camp Killdevil.

I wanted to donate a portion of the profits from the Fairy Bells & Elvish Spells LARP to the Make A Wish Foundation for sick kids, during LARP Gros Morne 2020, this August. So I will be brave, perhaps take a look. Bring my notebook, arrange an informal meeting with the caretaker and just have a look. What harm could it do? I could bring my Italian Mastiff and my son’s Pug, Amara ( named after the Goddess of Darkness). Its 2020. I’m sure I will be okay. And if for some reason Marmalade’s tires don’t make it back onto the road, someone please send in the drones.


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