Make It Last The Whole Day Long!


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It’s got to endure your nervousness, the weather, another player’s misstep, the dirt dive, the sand save and the victory run. Sure you will look incredible as you enter the playing field. Get some photos to post on Instagram with your team, all ready to take down your nearby convenience store rivals. Maybe you’ve brought family for a family reunion on the Rock, and you will be breaking apart into three teams to hash it out for the grand prize. What will you look like in the end?

Photo by Jacob Prose on
Birthday in a Box

LARP is more than dressing up and looking cool. There are physical challenges and its played in the great outdoors. Our LARP is played primarily in Newfoundland – where apparently the Goddess of Winds makes her residence. You need makeup and hair products with staying power.

These have been there before you in the pharmacy aisles all along; they are those overzealous hairsprays and gels that make you look like a punker without even trying. It’s because they weren’t made for a regular day at the office. Lightweights can handle room temperature, elevator brush-ups, and air conditioning breezes. These are for LARP. They may not come right out and say it, but secretly, their designers enjoy a good game of live action role play – I believe it wholeheartedly.

Ironically, one of the best makeup brands for staying put can be the most affordable. Masquera and eye liner must not smduge under duress or is best left on the shelf. Lipstain should not distract you with dried out lips. Foundations will be ridden with sweat and sand. Keep this is in mind. Colors for eyes and cheeks may try to escape as the day goes on. Test powders on your hand, lightly smudge away and hold upside down. If the color is still there it has cling.

e.l.f. cosmeticse.l.f. cosmetics

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