In the days of the Viking explorers, time was not hectic. Time was paced in the manner of seasons, of night and day, hot and cold, dry and wet, windy or calm. Voyages often took years. Explorations were well prepared for, including lumber, food and livestock, because houses were often built upon final arrival. These were not the days of quick vacations and rushed schedules.

Clothing, when beginning from the very beginning – planting the seeds to grow the flax, harvesting the flax to make the linen, sewing the linen into garments by hand, adding intricate designs – was a well thought out labour of love. No rash shopping decisions, no purchasing the wrong size and demanding a refund. Leather meant hunting down an animal or killing one of the cows and utilizing the skin. Furs were likewise a way of benefitting from the protein sources they had hunted down. Nothing was wasted; there was no garbage.

Farming was something that was much more than a hobby or business enterprise. Farming was survival, evolution of mankind’s journey from prey to predator to intelligent survivor. Plants and minerals were studied, utilized for their abilities to provide food, warmth in the manner of houses, fencing, weapons and tools. Designwork allowed an object to be recognized, to be made special, and to pass away the long evenings by the firelight.

There is something about the sea, that to this day, manages to make time stand still, even in our manic, minute-obsessing, modern world. The rocking of the waves against the shore is a like a lullabye that transports us back to the time of our ancestors. The salt and sun lighten our locks and tan our skin. Our souls can drift away upon the waters of time and return to us, ready to tackle anything.

Published by BossMama

Teacher, secretary, behavioural therapist, linguist, artist, designer, Wiccan, Vampire-fiction fan, LARP storyline writer, hiking enthusiast, horse obsessed, Mommy to an assortment of furred and feathered babies. Enseignant, secrétaire, thérapeute comportemental, crivain, artiste, Vampire aimant, écrivain storyline LARP, passionné de randonnée, cheval obsédé, "witchy" femme et Maman à un assortiment de bébés à fourrure et à plumes.

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