Character Hikes Redefined

While I may not be able to lead you on a breathtaking tour of the majestic mountains in Gros Morne, I can still take you on a journey of character development, which was also the focus of our original Character Hike offerings. This is something both children and adults can work on either alone or together, out in the backyard or online with family members and friends they are physically separated from.

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Step One: Don your acting shoes! What role would you like to play? This can be as interesting as you make it. I find historical characters can be quite rewarding. If playing with a group of people you can stay in the same historical period or spice it up by being all across time.

Step Two: You’ve chosen a personality to become, now attempt the morphing! Get some props to help you visualize yourself as this person. It doesn’t matter how intricate if you have a good imagination. Help out family members who find this hard with encouragement and support.

Step Three: In the eyes of the character you are portraying, take a stroll about your environment, seeing things from their point of view. What questions would they ask? What would frighten them? What would amaze them? What details from your ordinary life have you now noticed as being special? How do you speak to your fellow Character Hikers? Are they in the same physical area or exploring from the safety of the internet and therefore finding different “new” things about their regular habitat?

Step Four: With the hand you don’t normally write with, draw yourself and your playing partners as their characters and then compare your art with one another. We’d love to see your visual character descriptions too!

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