Let’s Learn Runes!

Whether you want to better understand how modern English came to be, want to connect with your elders, roots and their ancient gods and goddesses or find delving into the dark arts fascinating – RUNES are awesome!

For today’s lesson, we will learn the basic FUTHARK or alphabet. There are variations, although they vary only slightly, and they were adapted by regions to correlate to their sound usage and vocabulary. Some historians will tell you the Vikings were a people that didn’t write things down; nothing could be further from the truth! These intelligent farmers and seafarers knew languages from around the globe and they kept track of all their voyages in ‘sagas’.

The God Odin, or Allfather, is often credited with the creation of the RUNES but he, himself, in his writings, reveals they existed long before he did, used by The Elves and The Giants. The gods and goddesses realized these symbols to be more than merely an alphabet; they could use them to predict the future if they learned how to ‘read’ them. I’m not sure if any of you have read my “Life of A Fortune Teller” bog at www.askgipsie.blogspot.com but coin reading is a modern, versatile manner of rune reading.

Today, you just need a sketch book and/or scribbler and a pencil with a good eraser. Remember, when writing RUNES, start from the right and work your way left; the opposite of how you learned to write in English or French. There is no x sound but you will find an x symbol and there are symbols for th and ng sounds but English c and its confusing hard and soft sound variations are there are k and s symbols. If it sounds like a k that sound symbol is used and if it sounds like an s that sound symbol is used. And if you are wondering, the correct way to pronounce THOR is T-H-O-R because if it were th-or like modern Canadians and Americans tend to pronounce it, there would have only been three symbols and not four used for the popular God’s name.


Using the English/ French alphabet, for example, the best place to begin is to first practice writing your alphabet from right to left:

z y x w v u t s r q p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a

Today is the sixth of May: yam fo htxis eht si yadot. Capitals don’t count in runes so practice in either all capitals or all lower case letters.

The name on the bottom of the page spells our beloved thunder God Thor! Note, right to left.

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