While Newfoundland is out of limits, due to COVID 19 restrictions, you can still learn and have fun getting to know it! Yesterday’s lesson on Runic Writing made me think of all the young ones practicing their words while doing home study. Early grade writers tend to write alot of letters in mirror form or begin from right to left naturally as you are supposed to do in Runic – so parents, have them help you!


Below is a photo my son took of beautiful Route 431 – norm locally as THE GULCH. It spans the distance between two coastal communities: Trout River and Woody Point and features popular Gros Morne National Park Trails – Green Gardens Trail and Tablelands Trail.

ABC’s can be made more fun if you try writing them frontwards, backwards AND mirror. Want to really set your proper patterns down? Create some ABC cookies. Making something in a three dimensional form really causes you to focus on the shape of the symbol.


Parents learning to write in Runic may find they have a tough time keeping their sounds and word orders straight…just as your early grade learners are having with English. This is a perfect way to learn together and share memory tricks to make your new skills stick.

Just as you can bake some alphabet cookies, you can also bake some a set of futharks. Why not make some rune stones from wood chips or clay and also some alphabet ones. This works in any language, really. I am just using English for example as it is the primary language where I live; futharks are symbols for sounds. To put the futhark (runic alphabet) into your language, merely match up the sound/symbol that is closest to it.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

So try some reverse letter Scrabble games, reverse Crossword puzzles. Write some secret clues to “I spy” in runic or mirror writing and just have fun. You could even practice writing the nine realm names: Helheim, Alfheim, Jotunheim, Manneheim, Vanaheim, Muspelheim, Svartalfheim, Asgard and Niflheim.

Overlooking Trout River Pond

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