It’s a real alphabet soup!

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Learning to write with the Runic Futhark takes lots of practice and how you use the symbols is up to you; whether you choose to translate letter for letter or you try to match the sound of the symbol with the sound your accent gives the words you use.

All three are the Runic translations of the English sentence ‘Today is Friday, May 8th’ but each differ slightly because they take advantage of the fact that the Vikings and their ancestors shortened some word sounds into their own symbols. Is one more right than the other? I would say they are all right.


Let’s have some fun with the Newfoundland phrase “Who owns you?” Rest assured, there is no slavery in Newfoundland. This question means “Who are your parents?” So, an appropriate response would be “Me mother was a Crocker or me father was/is a Brake” and so forth. Really, it is a question of who are you related to in the local community or somewhere they might know. Relativity can be quite literal, pardon the pun. Remember that Newfoundland English is closer to British English than Canadian or American English. If you are from North America, you might be tempted to correct the grammar, but it is intentional. The last question relates to where you live if not where you are currently.

Can you spot what I did wrong in the last translation?

Trout River Pond, Gros Morne National Park


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