Things That Stand Out

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What do you notice about the gentleman in the image above? Is he poor, commonplace or wealthy looking? What features about him led you to this conclusion? Would you have assumed the same thing if he was wearing a Bahamas shirt? Being well groomed and well dressed give an assumption of wealth; green is the color of money. Aloofness indicates he doesn’t need your attention. Smoking is now taboo, doing so in today’s world means you take chances.

I really believe that more nonprofit organizations and even business owners could take advantage of government grants to hire more people than they normally do. A company needs more than just salespeople and maintenance staff. A company needs morale and community support They could dress them up like the company logo and set them out on the corner to attract new customers. Mentioning this idea to my son got a “That would be cruel,” response, with a laugh, “but it does work though.”

And it does. The image of that devoted employee dressed in a Canadian Maple Leaf, waving to people at the intersection stays in ones mind. What would Disney World be without their hired helpers dressed as popular characters?

Marketing is about cornering your market, keeping your products in the customer’s thoughts, creating brand loyalty, mastering the art of advertising. Product, place, promotion and price are the cornerstones. Imagination, creativity and a corner lot with a large parking area cannot overcome bad customer service or a terrible product. To be consistent you need to master all equally well; if you are not a master of one, seek the talents of those that can work for you.

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