Age of Eddas

Asgardian Characters: Choose to be a warrior god or goddess who reside in the realm of Asgard.  Also known as the Asir Clan.  Strength, cunning, intelligence, wit, bravery, skill and endurance are valued traits from this group of deities, who battle with other god families, other creatures and even amongst themselves.

Vanir Characters: Choose to be a nature god or goddess whose attributes are very much like those of angels in the Christian religion.  Vanaheim is the realm of the Vanir, who from time to time end up on the outs with the Asgardians.  They have the ability to affect their environment, respect all living creatures and can fly.

Giants: These are not black and white roles, for giants have intermixed with many species, including the Asgardians.  There are giants with whom respect is given and those which are sworn enemies.  Thor’s mother is the Goddess of Earth, the giant Jord; Loki is a biological frost giant adopted by Odin and Frigga – Asgardians.  Rather than simply being a destructive, larger stature creature, giants were a separate species but with similar features that enabled them to be compatible with and understood by their allies/rivals.

Dwarves: Choose to be one of Odin’s creations that proved most useful to the gods and goddesses.  The dwarves were made by humanizing insects – supposedly the maggots feeding off the giant Ymir’s body.  Their continuous work habits and amazing inventions make them a large part of Odin’s writings.  Thor’s Mjolnir “Thunder Hammer” was created by dwarves.  They spent most of their lives underground and turned to stone if exposed to sunlight.




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