May 11, 2019

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The Phone Line To Hel…

Spirit channeling has adapted to the technological realm of today’s modern world. You now have the option of having your fortune told over the phone, via video conferencing or social media chat line. The Goddess Hel, daughter of Loki is arguably the most powerful worker of divinity. After falling in love with the Allfather’s beloved […]

March 26, 2019

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Wisdom of the Candle

Energy is tricky. Too much and too little often cause the same symptoms. While one does not allow the body to function properly because it cannot fuel it; the other fries the circuitry with too much power until it shuts downs in overload crisis. Living in small communities can be isolating. Living in extreme isolation […]

March 25, 2019

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You can take the verb understanding of the word fashion- to make or adjust something – and realize how the noun came to be. I see that logic now, in my late forties, and suddenly I realized with great relief that perhaps, I could become a designer after all. Vous pouvez prendre la compréhension du […]

March 24, 2019



I was greeted by a spider this morning, in my bathroom sink. It was the first one I’ve seen for months and took it as a sign that spring might actually be here. Large, dark brown, with visible fangs. It stopped and seemed to pay attention to me when I asked it where it came […]

March 22, 2019


Welcome to the family! Bienvenue dans la famille!

The Boss Mama is back and looking for creative souls to help cultivate Newfoundland’s LARP presence. Do you LARP? Are you intrigued by the notion of giving it a try? Do you design costumes? Do you write? Can you make hair do amazing things? Or perhaps your makeup artistry is beyond glamourous? Le patron Mama […]

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If you’ve never owned a goat, I highly recommend them for pets.  You must be careful  not to leave them near anything you don’t want nibbled, however. They have the most adoring, expressionate little faces and eyes with side slant pupils. Our boy goat smells very strongly no matter what you do with him, but […]