The Fabricated Newfie/Le Newfie fabriqué

Have you ever watched a science fiction, fairy tale or historical film that just seemed … well…fake? Was it the directing? The acting? Were the props and settings unbelievable? Or was it the costumes?

Avez-vous déjà regardé une science-fiction, conte de fées ou un film historique qui vient de sembler … Bien… Faux? C’était la mise en scène ? Le jeu ? Les accessoires et les réglages étaient-ils incroyables ? Ou était-ce les costumes ?

Remember the horrid Batman movies prior to Dark Knight. I know you probably don’t want to, even some of the actors who starred in them have commented on the ridiculous attire they had to don for their roles. George Clooney’s batsuit above had nipples and fake muscles. It’s almost as thought someone forgot to read the entire Batman back story…he is NOT transformed into a muscular superhero by donning a bat eared mask or being provoked by bad guys. He is THE SAME man he is during daylight, SAME SIZE, SAME ABILITIES. He needs gadgets and expensive automobiles remember?

Rappelez-vous les films horribles Batman avant Dark Knight. Je sais que vous ne voulez probablement pas, même certains des acteurs qui ont joué en eux ont commenté sur la tenue ridicule qu’ils avaient à enfiler pour leurs rôles. La combinaison de George Clooney ci-dessus avait des mamelons et de faux muscles. C’est presque comme pensé que quelqu’un a oublié de lire toute l’histoire de Batman … il n’est pas transformé en super-héros musclé en enfilant un masque à bec de chauve-souris ou en étant provoqué par des méchants. Il est le même homme qu’il est pendant la lumière du jour, SAME SIZE, MÊMES ABILITIES. Il a besoin de gadgets et d’automobiles chères se souvenir?

No, Batman did not gain any credibility in the movie form until Christian Bale and Heath Ledger hit the big screen in The Dark Knight. That costume person was wickedly gifted! Lindy Hemming took time to understand what the director’s vision for the movie was. She interpreted the script and created a Batman and Joker that felt genuine, through the clothes they wore.

Non, Batman n’a pas gagné de crédibilité dans la forme du film jusqu’à ce que Christian Bale et Heath Ledger a frappé l’écran dans The Dark Knight. Cette personne costumée était terriblement douée ! Lindy Hemming a pris le temps de comprendre quelle était la vision du réalisateur pour le film. Elle a interprété le scénario et créé un Batman et Joker qui se sentait authentique, à travers les vêtements qu’ils portaient.

Competition is healthy. It makes us better, stronger, smarter, quicker. It’s only natural for you to want to be THE most awesome looking Viking at our LARP Gros Morne 2020 event. We totally encourage it! In fact, the more time folks take in really developing their characters, their images, their chosen attire and weaponry, the better that photo shoot of you all battling on the beach or on a mountain trail will be.

La concurrence est saine. Cela nous rend meilleurs, plus forts, plus intelligents, plus rapides. Il est naturel pour vous de vouloir être LE Viking à la recherche la plus impressionnante à notre événement LARP Gros Morne 2020. Nous l’encourageons totalement! En fait, plus les gens prennent de temps à vraiment développer leurs personnages, leurs images, leur tenue vestimentaire choisie et l’armement, le mieux que la séance photo de vous tous se battre sur la plage ou sur un sentier de montagne sera.

Indigenous Viking?

As Ancestry keeps reworking their DNA analysis of people to tbe point where tbey are afraid to link potential Native American tribes to people’s profiles out of embarassingly pulling. Beothuk North Carolinian.

I will play devil’s advocate here for a moment. Why couldnt the North Carolinian woman have Beothuk DNA? What if Viking travellers had Beothuk crewmembers aboard who left them to stay in North Carolina?

Love draws people to new places all the time. This or these men/women may have been there long enough to forge relationships, preferred the climate, got along with tribe members of that area and decided not to go back to sea.

What are your theories?

Powerful Fairy Magic/Magie de Fée Puissante

I have changed the contents to reflect the importance of May 2020 FAIRY DAY FUNDRAISER, but you can still contact me via about Fairy related products and costumes available. I encourage everyone to try making their own set of wings for our fundraiser, but if you are not creatively inclined, give me a shout. I was named after a fairy princess and dubbed the godmother for a while.

Aviking By Hoof

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Fresh Your Looks,Early Summer Special SALES!

woman wearing fairy costume Photo by Tú Nguyễn on

To quote Peter Pan “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!” The child in all of us believes. Legends tell us that fairies used to be out in the open amongst midgardians (humans). Nowadays when people discover fairies they quickly deny making such claims a short period later. I immediately think of the movie ET and American scientists closing in on the harmless little alien. Why, in 2019 on the verge of 2020, are our fairies in hiding?

Pour citer Peter Pan ” Je crois aux fées, je le fais, je le fais ! ” L’enfant en chacun de nous croit. Les légendes nous disent que les fées étaient à l’air libre parmi les midgardiens (humains). Aujourd’hui, quand les gens découvrent des fées, ils nient rapidement faire de telles revendications une courte période plus tard. Je…

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Spring is just a winter away!

So don’t throw out that Christmas Elf costume! Aviking By Hoof has Business Conference Packages for work teams in the spring. Choose the LARP (duke it out with foam weapons) style of human resource development or the calmer, WORKSHOP approach with lessons in Elvish, Rune Magic, Celtic Knots a Character Hike and game of Viking Chess (Hnefatafl).

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Pre-registration is required and groups get discounts! So once winter has been defeated by the Spring Fairy, gather your team of work mates, family, friends or frenemies and come aviking with us on a grand adventure in western Newfoundland! In the name of business! Because after all, business is war and LARP war is fun! See your team this spring!

Be sure to share! There is a capped number of participants, per three day Business Conference sessions, so register early to get your choice of characters and team slots! Request your business invitation today.

Book now for spring 709-451-6311     BUSINESS WORKSHOP OPTIONS While we cherish grabbing an intimidating foam sword and shield and charging into a mass of enemies, we understand that some of you are not ready for that kind of action yet.
  Workshop business conference options allow you to send up to seven members for three days of Elvish Lessons, Rune Magic, Celtic Knots, Character Hikes and Hnefatafl (Viking Chess) .

Photography packages will be available to capture the fun and while there is no battle component, aside from the Viking Chess game, you can still use LARP safe, foam weaponry to accent your costumes. Group rate is 3 days and up to 7 players at $570* (that’s equal to 2 participants free) Individuals are $30/day*          
At Aviking By Hoof, we recognize the tough world of business for what it is. No matter what the company goals are, you need a loyal, intelligent, creative, fearless workforce dedicated to achieving them. 

Our LARP business conference options allow you to send up to seven members for three days of “Learning through Larping” in quaint, coastal Bonne Bay communities and Gros Morne National Park settings. 

Your workforce team is assigned a character type when they register.  They can choose how they physically represent this character with costumes, wigs, and accessories. Costume/weapon rental options will also be available if needed, but pre-registration is required. Because of the battle component of these group exercises, we recommend choosing Calimacil, LARP-safe, foam weaponry which is made in Canada. 

Group rate is for 3 days and up to 7 players $855 * (that’s equal to 2 players free)  Individual players for 3 days play for $135   *Costume and weapons rental fees are not included in this price. For Character Hikes that take place in Gros Morne National Park a valid Canada Parks Pass is required .   
Themes vary from month to month beginning in May 2020 so please see LARP Schedule


I was taught in school that the sun is 93 million miles away from Earth, that if it died, light would still shine on for another 100 years, such was the understanding of time, energy and speed of light.

I’m going to give you an exercise that challenges that theory. Its based on the belief that the Sun is not merely a ball of fire and gas millions of miles away. Many religions have “Sun Gods” such as Odin, Baldur, Apollo, Amun, Malakbel, Saule, Surya, Apati, Inti, Sol ….and the list goes on. Indeed if you are open minded and historically curious, you will learn that many god families have existed for centuries before mainstream religions took hold and the Sun God Tribes or Clans were widely dispersed and believed in across the globe.

I have a little way for you to connect with your sun god or goddess and the sun itself. It merely involves love. Breathe in the warmth of the sunlight around you and exhale with joy and thankfulness. Tell the sunshine that you love it, that you are grateful for its light, thankful it has chosen to shine down upon you, that is warmth is important to you. Treat the energy you send in the same way you would a loyal guardian, pet or closest friend.

I can say Odin three times and it will immediately be brighter…not in a 100 years, but within minutes of my focus upon the sun. (Now, Odin is from my Celtic roots. You can choose a sun god from your own culture and it will work as well.) I can tell the sunshine how much love I have for it and immediately it will break through the clouds to share more warm beams of light….not in 100 years but within seconds.

Try for yourself. On this day of Thanksgiving, I would like to remind everyone that sunlight gives life to the world we live on. It nourishes the trees, flowers, grasses, seaweeds and plankton. In turn, without this foundation of green, from which all life begins its food chains, we would have nothing. Our blood chemistry, moods, bone density, skin quality, even resistance to disease is linked with the amount of sun our bodies absorb.

Wicca is a term for witchcraft, the religion of life, of energy in the “green” or “wick” of things. Break open a dormant tree branch in winter. If the vein is green it is just sleeping. If there is no green it is dead. I am thankful for the sun. Blessed be.

Fighting is Good

Arguing, however, can be stressful.  Fighting, as in Live Action Role Play combat, running uphill swinging a foam replica of a broadsword whilst your opponent counters your attack with a foam axe is great exercise.  It also allows you to fight – in a safe and legal manner – which modern day rules and behavior codes do not allow us to do on a daily basis, at least not without getting you thrown into jail.

Fighting is instinct.  To deny your body its instinctive right to defend itself is to set off emotional triggers that attempt to infuriate you to the point of allowing you to fight.  Stress?  Yep, that’s your body’s inability to process the reason you haven’t taken a physical stance to a problem.  But, what can you do?  Its not like you can keep your job after knocking your annoying coworker Ken through a wall, even if its a partial wall on wheels.

Enter the LARP solution.  Invite your colleagues to join you in a “fun” LARP weekend where you can beat the snot out of one another with safe weapons and in full battle gear.  If you don’t intend to lose – and who wants to lose – you have to be gung ho about the game.  Its just competitive nature.  And combat games are best played with frenemies after all.  And who are the best kind of frenemies – the ones you have no choice but to keep.

Now remember, you are no longer Dan, the marketing representative for section 8 while on the playing field; you are Swarthy Redbeard the dreaded Scotsman.  You aren’t confined by a suit and tie.  Your true warrior presence is allowed to exude itself in leather armour, wrist wraps, a kilt and battle shoes.  Guns are for wussies – you’ve got a mean ass sword; true, its a LARP safe replica of a medieval battle sword, but it is a sword that you can wield against your sworn enemy: Ken, account manager in section 9.

There may be no missing fax sheets here, no deadline jabs, no dumb coffee jokes but as sure as god made little green apples he’ll do something to set you off.  (I’m not sure which god is responsible for the tart, little green apples, but its a Newfie saying) Today, however, you won’t have to bite your tongue. You won’t even have to suck up to your boss, Ms. Woodrow, who ironically chooses to play as an Ice Giant, to make sure you can keep your paycheques coming.  You can plow through her too on your way to taking down Ken.  Fighting is good.


You’d better Knot!

Celtic knots are beautiful, alluring, intriguing and instantly recognizable. The celebrity symbols of the Vikings and Celtic peoples, they adorned clothing, accessories, hunting utensils, battle-wear, weapons, jewelry, books and rocks in the past and today.

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Trail Blazers

IMG_20180702_202218.jpgJust outside the boundaries of the small community of Trout River lies the Gros Morne National Park (where the featured image here is taken).  If you go on past the Trout River Campsite inside the park the scenery continues!


Aviking By Hoof will take you on horseback through these trails and branch off roads on different adventures.  You will find the scenery can change dramatically from one turn to the next, as the mountains vary in soil content and rock composition, thus affecting the type of plant growth.  Wind and temperature will also leave you with very stunted trees in one spot and tall, looming ones in the next.


Its hard to believe but communities are not far from all of these viewpoints.  You can come and lose yourself in a LARP world with ease.  Who wouldn’t believe faeries, elves and mountain trolls still live in this magical place?  Don’t worry, our trail rides will give you lots of stop and snap a pic options! Newfoundland is truly picture perfect in every direction.  There is something comforting to the soul taking in all the natural beauty.



So what is LARP?

Summer SaleLive Action Role Play or LARP is a combination of impromptu live theatre and competitive gaming.  So if you are participating in such, you are LARPING. It is played, for the most part, outdoors, with groups of people who aren’t afraid to channel their inner child warrior spirit, or at give that spirit a fighting chance.

Jeu de rôle live action ou LARP est une combinaison de théâtre en direct impromptu et de jeux compétitifs Donc, si vous participez à tel, vous êtes LARPING.  Il est joué, pour la plupart, à l’extérieur, avec des groupes de personnes qui n’ont pas peur de canaliser leur esprit d’enfant guerrier intérieur, ou donner à cet esprit une chance de se battre.

There are challenges, both physical and mental.  There are inner tribe battles for leadership titles.  There are battles between tribes.  There are all out wars.  All are played zealously with foam based weaponry.

Il y a des défis, tant physiques que mentaux. Il y a des batailles internes de tribu pour les titres de leadership. Il y a des batailles tribales et il y a des guerres. Tous sont joués avec zèle avec des armes à base de mousse.

Its pretend for adults who want to get carried away and have a ton of fun.   Wouldn’t you love to leave yourself at home for a few days and immerse yourself into a new character that kicks ass?

Partez en vacances-de l’ordinaire, vous ennuyer-et profiter de votre temps immergé dans l’aventure comme une nouvelle personne ou une créature passionnante.

Live Action Role Play makes a great ice breaker at family reunions when you feel you must speak to relatives you may have never seen since infancy, promotes comraderie amongst team mates from sports teams, dance troupes, school groups or business organizations and enables people to de-stress by taking them outside of themselves-in a physically and mentally active way.  There, now you have logical reasons for wanting to wield a foam sword at your fellow work mate or family member.

Action en direct le jeu de rôle fait un grand briseur de glace aux réunions de famille quand vous sentez que vous devez parler à des parents que vous n’avez jamais vus depuis la petite enfance, favorise la camaraderie parmi les coéquipiers des équipes sportives, des troupes de danse, des groupes scolaires ou des organisations d’affaires et permet aux gens de déstresser en les prenant en dehors d’eux-mêmes-d’une manière physiquement et mentalement active. Là, maintenant vous avez des raisons logiques de vouloir manier une épée en mousse à votre compagnon de travail ou membre de la famille.

Just try to create a character that you will enjoy being for a few days.  Then get really creative and come up with a backstory, a list of weapons you should shop for, types of items you think would up their gaming prowess, clothing that’s eye catching but wearable during battle, and start tweeting to your friends, family and frenemies. Essayez simplement de créer un personnage qui vous fera plaisir pendant quelques jours. Ensuite, obtenir vraiment créatif et venir avec un “backstory”, une liste d’armes que vous devriez magasiner pour, types d’articles que vous pensez que leur prouesse de jeu, les vêtements qui est accrocheur, mais portable pendant la bataille, et commencer tweeting à vos amis, la famille et les “frenemies”. 



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