June 15, 2018

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About us…


If the modern world is getting you down, take a grand switch and hop a plane or ferry to a province unlike any other.  Newfoundland, Canada has areas that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back 1000 years in time.  The Gros Morne National Park where we hold events is a UNESCO heritage site with geological features you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

We hope you come aviking with us on a grand adventure. Newfoundland is a beautiful province of spectacular scenery and culture. You can feel like you’ve stepped back in time, that you are in the complete wilderness and yet be within minutes of a quaint community, town or city filled with shops, restaurants, and amenities.

Aviking By Hoof will be hosting Live Action Role Play events throughout the summer months at various locations in the Gros Morne region of Western Newfoundland. Join us for a Weekend LARP event, book a private weekday role playing workshop for your family or group, contact us to learn some Elvish, Celtic knot tying, Runic writing or Faerie Spell making.

Day or night, shop our neat collection of souvenirs online, which you’ll also find in local craft stores. These specialty gift items are inspired by the beauty all around us. Many are one of a kind items for that one of a kind person in your life, like our Rocks On The Rock sweater collection. Others use medicinal herbs to channel healing energies and block negativity, like our Faery Petals & Leaves. Some are collector’s items like our Newfoundland Country Ponies which can be found in western Newfoundland craft shops and Cape Breton’s Farmer’s Country Store on Keltic Drive.
Later this fall we hope to finally offer relaxing tours through the mountains on horses and/or ponies- in costume or plain clothes – its up to you! We’ve mapped out the best trails already – we’re just working out equine details.  Membership packages will be available for frequent trail riders or visitors to our LARP events.  Please inquire.

May 11, 2019

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The Phone Line To Hel…

Spirit channeling has adapted to the technological realm of today’s modern world. You now have the option of having your fortune told over the phone, via video conferencing or social media chat line.

The Goddess Hel, daughter of Loki is arguably the most powerful worker of divinity. After falling in love with the Allfather’s beloved son Baldur, she and her father used the vampirical plant Mistletoe to send the sun god to her through a temporary death.

Full of guilt, Baldur’s brothers travelled to Helheim to see how they might free him. Being outnumbered and outpowered, they returned to their father. Odin dressed in disguise so as not to alert the dead, Hel’s servants or soldiers, but when he arrived Helheim Palace was decorated for a great banquet. She had forseen The Allfather’s arrival and took great lengths to impress the powerful god.

I have been blessed with the ability to medium; I act as a radio for the spirits to communicate through. Whether it is by coin reading, teal leaf reading, tarot spreads or runes, I allow the spirits to use me as their communication tool. Often the messages I receive and relate do not make any sense to me, but are secret messages for the person having their fortune told, by a loved one who has passed on.

If you would like to communicate with your dead family members or friends, please do not hesitate to contact me. Believe me, there are so many spirits that have been very relieved to get to warn their nieces, nephews, grandchildren, daughters and sons of impending troubles or to offer them emotional support during tough times or wish them well on their accomplishments

Wanting to speak with the dead is not crazy or strange. It is perfectly natural. It can be therapeutic for those struggling to move past loss. It can remove anxious energy from your home and surroundings due to your spirits’ frustration over not being able to get your attention. So give it a try!


March 26, 2019

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Wisdom of the Candle

Energy is tricky. Too much and too little often cause the same symptoms. While one does not allow the body to function properly because it cannot fuel it; the other fries the circuitry with too much power until it shuts downs in overload crisis.

Living in small communities can be isolating. Living in extreme isolation can be liberating. Living in midsize communities can be overwhelming. Living in large cities can be rejuvenating. How is this possible?

Physical exertion is more likely to be used while you are in extreme isolation. Being outdoors, at ease, carrying out tasks, enjoying a hike, planting a garden….these are stress outlets. They literally allow stress to leave your body and go back to the planet.

Living in and amongst strangers that are busy enough to remain strangers gives you an invisibility factor. Your life can stay private. Gossip is not in control. Life is fast paced and focused. The result is freedom.

Being unwillingly forced to remain indoors or cut off from civilization will have the opposite effect if no physical or mental exercises are performed to burn off the accumulated, excess stress from containment and electrical devices like computers, television, cell phones, microwave ovens and so forth. Stress is merely a form of energy. Too much energy also results in stress. Its a double negative.

People added to this situation can cause explosions – emotional outbursts, tension, arguments and fist fights. Company, when you don’t feel like company, is toxic. Retreat to a safe space, where you can get out about and start working off that excess energy.

LARP workouts are fun! So you ordered a new sword for the upcoming Live Action Role Play you plan on attending. Let a warrior cry rip free from your lungs and attack the shadows. Scramble up that hill, struggle through that stream, crawl on your stomach, with that sword carefully out of harms way. (The irony is weapons must be protected)

Put on the full ensemble. Leather, wool, linen, metal – they add weight, add resistance to simple movements. If you make someone smile, remember, you’ve just shared some of that energy overload. Positive energy eats negative energy. So its okay to breathe in the positive feedback; it is health in its purest form.

Now you may need company. Other LARPers company. Much better to race for the end of the ball field with four of you dressed liked Viking warriors than merely one. You won’t even feel the need to explain to passers by then. Teams don’t get questioned. Teams rule.


March 25, 2019

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You can take the verb understanding of the word fashion- to make or adjust something – and realize how the noun came to be. I see that logic now, in my late forties, and suddenly I realized with great relief that perhaps, I could become a designer after all.

Vous pouvez prendre la compréhension du mot mode comme un verbe-pour faire ou ajuster quelque chose-et de réaliser comment le nom est venu à être. Je vois cette logique maintenant, à la fin des années 40, et soudain j’ai réalisé avec grand soulagement que peut-être je pourrais devenir un concepteur après tout.

You see I ached to be a designer when I was young. I collected magazines on sewing, fabrics, fashion shows, modelling, art…..it all was something expressive. I thought that was all there was to it. Create and it shall either be loved, hated or ignored. There was no sure thing in fashion, it seemed. There was no right or wrong either.

Vous voyez que je me suis entraîné à être un concepteur quand j’étais jeune. J’ai recueilli des magazines sur la couture, les tissus, les défilés de mode, la modélisation, l’art… tout était quelque chose d’expressif. Je pensais que c’était tout ce qu’il y avait. Créer et il sera soit aimé, haï ou ignoré. Il n’y avait pas de chose sûre dans la mode, il semblait. Il n’y avait ni droit ni tort non plus.

Or so I thought. Now, I realize a hidden truth, one learned only by living in harsh elements that have me looking like a hobo of over 200 pounds (layering puffy clothes) to attempt to stay warm here in frigid Newfoundland. There is most definitely a right and most definitely a wrong. Because fashion should be more than just about letting people see the person you are on the inside very easily by what you are wearing on the outside. Fashion has another very practical purpose; to protect you from the elements. If it cannot – no matter how pretty or dramatic – it is impractical and therefore a fail. Likewise, if it manages to keep you dry, warm, cool, hidden or plainly visible but makes you feel like an idiot when you wear it – and we’ve all got THOSE clothes – it is also a fail.

Ou alors j’ai pensé. Maintenant, je réalise une vérité cachée, on a appris seulement en vivant dans des éléments durs qui me font ressembler à un hobo de plus de 200 livres (superposition de vêtements gonflés) pour tenter de rester au chaud ici dans frigide Terre-Neuve. Il y a certainement un droit et le plus certainement un tort. Parce que la mode devrait être plus que simplement de laisser les gens Voir la personne que vous êtes à l’intérieur très facilement par ce que vous portez à l’extérieur. La mode a un autre but très pratique; pour vous protéger des éléments. Si elle ne peut pas-peu importe comment jolie ou dramatique-il est impraticable et donc un échec. De même, si elle parvient à vous garder au sec, chaud, frais, caché ou clairement visible, mais vous fait sentir comme un idiot quand vous le portez-et nous avons tous ces vêtements-il est également un échec.

I haven’t designed my own wardrobe in years…I gave up on being a designer when I became a mom and no longer had time to wash FASHION Television with Jeannie Bekker. I had to stop buying VOGUE, then stop buying VOGUE patterns, stop shopping in nice clothing stores…..and then I morphed into what I am now.

Je n’ai pas conçu ma propre garde-robe depuis des années… J’ai renoncé à être un concepteur quand je suis devenu une maman et n’a plus eu le temps de laver FASHION Television avec Jeannie Bekker. J’ai dû cesser d’acheter VOGUE, puis cesser d’acheter des patrons VOGUE, arrêter de magasiner dans de beaux magasins de vêtements….. et puis je me suis transformé en ce que je suis maintenant.

My poor mother. How I must rock her grave to and fro with my unsightliness! I showed up at the hospital one time when she was still alive in sweatpants and a tank top with a flannel shirt. She asked if I had taken the back stairway up to her room, hoping no one had seen me.

Ma pauvre mère. Elle me hante à cause de ce que je porte. Une fois, je me suis présenté à l’hôpital une fois quand elle était encore vivante en pantalons de survêtement et un débardeur avec une chemise à carreaux, évasée. Elle m’a demandé si j’avais pris l’escalier arrière jusqu’à sa chambre, en espérant que personne ne m’avait vu

Despite being taught to sew from an early age I despise having to do alterations. I hate fixing broken zippers, taking waistlines in, hemming pants. Hate seems mild and inaccurate. Loathe is better. I would rather sew an entire new gown that fix one already finished. So despite sewing costumes and collectibles, I don’t sew out of love. I sew out of guilt, out of honor, because I am the child of a dead woman who had great gift when it came to fashioning garments that made people look good.

En dépit d’être enseigné à coudre à partir d’un âge précoce, je méprise d’avoir à faire des modifications. Je déteste réparer les fermetures éclair cassées, en prenant des ceintures, des pantalons de ourlage. La haine semble légère et inexacte. Loathe est mieux. Je préférerais coudre une toute nouvelle robe qui fixe un déjà fini. Donc, malgré les costumes de couture et les objets de collection, je ne couds pas par amour. Je couds par culpabilité, par honneur, parce que je suis l’enfant d’une femme morte qui a eu un grand cadeau quand il s’agissait de façonner des vêtements qui faisaient paraître les gens bons.

But suddenly, horrid coldness, unending winters, heatless summers, terrible winds, have revealed themselves to be something other than nature’s instruments of torture. My mind has managed to grip onto something, finally, and I stare into the snow with hope. Clothes with purpose are not selfish, not unnecessary, not trivial or irresponsible. Clothes with purpose are the difference between feeling like death mourned over, a frustrated marshmallow clown, and actually resembling a female human being. (I identify as a woman)

Mais soudain, la froideur horrible, les hivers sans fin, les étés sans chaleur, les vents terribles, se sont révélés être autre chose que les instruments de la nature de la torture. Mon esprit a réussi à saisir quelque chose, enfin, et je regarde dans la neige avec espoir. Les vêtements avec le but ne sont pas égoïstes, pas inutiles, pas trivial ou irresponsable. Les vêtements avec le but sont la différence entre se sentir comme la mort pleurait plus, un clown guimauve frustré , et en fait ressemblant à un être humain féminin. (Je m’identifie comme une femme)

The last bit I felt obliged to say, since I got really angry with my fro a few months back and cut it all off. It wasn’t and isn’t a gender statement in any way. I do not dress in men’s clothes as a statement either, although I can understand if one would have believed that was what was going on. I am merely cold blooded and seek to stay out of pain by wearing as many clothes as my body deems necessary for the weather that day.

Le dernier peu je me sentais obligé de dire, depuis que je suis vraiment en colère contre mon afro quelques mois en arrière et couper tout. Ce n’était pas et n’est pas une déclaration de genre en aucune façon. Je ne m’habille pas dans les vêtements des hommes comme une déclaration non plus, même si je peux comprendre si l’on aurait cru que c’était ce qui se passait. Je suis simplement à sang froid et chercher à rester hors de la douleur en portant autant de vêtements que mon corps estime nécessaire pour le temps ce jour-là.

But today, today I have had an epiphany! Break out the harmonicas! I remembered my grandmother Vickers carefully bundling me up before sending me to play with my cousins. Grandmother dressed me in wool. I had wool blend dress pants, silk blouses (silk retains heat) acrylic and wool, cashmere and mohair sweaters. I had felt berets. My coats were always lined, long and of quality textile to suit the weather. Grandmother Vickers understood fashion.

My mother, Gail, was like a red haired Barbie Doll; her look was always put together and up to date with the current trends. She shoes and boots for each look and season. Unfortunately, illness took my mother’s health and eventually her life away. Style is something you can teach your children, but you cannot force them to stay stylish when they don’t realize the wisdom behind it. I just thought I was lucky to have such a beautiful Mom and such a sweet Grandmother. I didn’t understand fashion had purpose. I thought it was a luxury.

I thought Odin wrote my character flawed on purpose; she will be raised in a family of seamstresses and despise sewing. I thought it was irony. I recalled how stressed my grandmother and mother had been when I hadn’t mastered knitting by the age of four. That’s not a joke. If it weren’t for Nana Rogers and Aunt Donna taking pity on me and getting me tiny knitting needles with little balls on them and helping me ball up my skeins of yarn I would have begun kindergarten hopelessly unable to knit.

Je pensais que Odin a écrit mon caractère volontairement imparfait; elle sera élevée dans une famille de couturières et de mépriser la couture. Je trouvais ça ironique. Je me suis souvenu à quel point ma grand-mère et ma mère avaient été stressées quand je n’avais pas maîtrisé le tricot à l’âge de quatre ans. Ce n’est pas une blague. Si ce n’était pas pour Nana Rogers et tante Donna prendre pitié de moi et me faire de minuscules aiguilles à tricoter avec des petites boules sur eux et m’aidant à boule mes écheveaux de fil J’aurais commencé le jardin d’enfants désespérément incapable de tricoter.

So for all of you out there in the same predicament. Clothes are not costumes. Fashion is not just art. Art is not just design; it is an expression of the soul. What you wear helps you survive – physically, mentally, spiritually, socially. Multifunctional it HAS to be. Practical CANNOT be unattractive because ATTRACTION is the law of prosperity. So if it is UNATTRACTIVE it is NOT PRACTICAL and is therefore dangerous to your survival.

Donc pour vous tous là-bas dans la même situation. Les vêtements ne sont pas des costumes. La mode n’est pas seulement l’art. L’art n’est pas seulement la conception; C’est une expression de l’âme. Ce que vous portez vous aide à survivre-physiquement, mentalement, spirituellement, socialement. Multifonctionnel il doit être. Pratique ne peut pas être peu attrayant parce ATTRACTION est la Loi de la prospérité. Donc, si elle est peu attrayante, il n’est pas pratique et est donc dangereux pour votre survie.

Create. Explore. Design. Fashion. Live.

Creer. Explorer. Conceptualiser. Construire. Vivre.

March 24, 2019



I was greeted by a spider this morning, in my bathroom sink. It was the first one I’ve seen for months and took it as a sign that spring might actually be here. Large, dark brown, with visible fangs. It stopped and seemed to pay attention to me when I asked it where it came from and where I should put it. But then, I accidentally washed him/her down the drain trying to wash my hands; it was a memory blip thing, not an intentional arachnid hate crime, I promise you.

I have a theory and perhaps it is one that won’t be well met in the pagan world of believers, about an eight legged steed belonging to our respected Allfather, Odin. Its a gene altering theory. I believe the horse had spider DNA. The leaping and climbing – those are spider attributes. Plus many etchings show an attachment coming from his body that could be a web. [I also believe that when it was referred to as a grey horse, it was a dapple grey (blue roan) and not white with black skin like my former Arabian Cassiopeia who was listed on her registration papers as grey also.] Smoky, elusive, able to blend; I’m placing my bets on dark grey.

The whole Loki shapeshifter, gender altering story aside, I got the feeling that our boy the Silvertongue could be a gifted chemist, not just an open minded, sexually talented individual. Perhaps his children – all described as monsters that sought to eat the gods and goddesses – were his creations, rather than his genuine flesh and blood. Horses, snakes, wolves. Odin transformed bugs into elves; what if the Allfather did this through mixing bug DNA with Midgardian DNA? He shared a blood pact with Loki; perhaps he shared a lot more knowledge as well.

Heimdall was in charge of guarding the 9 realms and came from 9 different mothers. He was able to see into each of those realms. A medium is able to tap into their ancestral lines, so why wouldn’t this great warrior be able to tap into the ancestors of those DNA strands he was made from? Is it that far fetched? Think about the goat spiders(or should they be called spider goats) that were created through genetically mixing DNA in Quebec for the purpose of creating bullet proof thread. It worked – after so many trials. I wonder how many goat sized spiders we have running around in the Canadian forests now? I wonder if any were named Sleipnir?

March 22, 2019


Welcome to the family! Bienvenue dans la famille!

Fitflop CA

The Boss Mama is back and looking for creative souls to help cultivate Newfoundland’s LARP presence. Do you LARP? Are you intrigued by the notion of giving it a try? Do you design costumes? Do you write? Can you make hair do amazing things? Or perhaps your makeup artistry is beyond glamourous?

Le patron Mama est de retour et est à la recherche d’âmes créatives pour aider à cultiver la présence de Terre-Neuve GN. Avez-vous GN? Êtes-vous intrigué par la notion de lui donner un essai? Vous concevez des costumes? Vous écrivez? Pouvez-vous faire des cheveux faire des choses étonnantes? Ou peut-être votre maquillage artistique est au-delà glamour?

Are you hoping to break out of your timid shell and try to be bold and brave? Do you want to leave all that pent up workload stress behind and battle it out with foam weapons on a secluded beach in beautiful Newfoundland?

Photo by Quốc Bảo on Pexels.com

Vous espérez sortir de votre coquille timide et essayer d’être audacieux et courageux? Voulez-vous laisser tout ce stress de charge de travail refoulé derrière et se battre avec des armes de mousse sur une plage isolée dans la belle Terre-Neuve?

Photo by Jacob Prose on Pexels.com

I want to hear from you all. I want you all to share with one another, too. We are all brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles in the LARP world. Sure you may meet your future soul mate at one of our events or online….that could well happen.

Je veux vous entendre. Je veux que vous partagerez les uns avec les autres. Nous sommes tous des frères, des sœurs, des cousins, des tantes, des oncles dans le monde du GN. Bien sûr, vous pouvez rencontrer votre future âme soeur à l’un de nos événements ou en ligne…. qui pourrait bien se produire.

Photo by Zun Zun on Pexels.com

Let’s get the dialogue going. Support one another. We are not freaks because we like creativity. We are gods and goddesses who dare to be different. Life is all about living.

Allons faire le dialogue. Soutenez-vous mutuellement. Nous ne sommes pas des monstres parce que nous aimons la créativité. Nous sommes des dieux et des déesses qui osent être différentes. La vie, c’est vivre.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Alors venez LARP avec nous! Venez vous aviking dans une grande aventure à Terre-Neuve. Présentez-vous, faites connaissance. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer tous!

So come LARP with us! Come aviking on a grand adventure in Newfoundland. Introduce yourselves, get acquainted. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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If you’ve never owned a goat, I highly recommend them for pets.  You must be careful  not to leave them near anything you don’t want nibbled, however. They have the most adoring, expressionate little faces and eyes with side slant pupils. Our boy goat smells very strongly no matter what you do with him, but he is mild mannered and quiet.  The little girl likes to let you know when she’s not happy, or rather if there is anything bothering her or her mate (because he doesn’t speak out for himself).  When she’s happy she looks you right in the eye and winks.

woman wearing black shirt white goat at daytime

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

These little critters are two toed – devil’s feet – cloven hooves and can climb with ease.  They prefer to scramble up places to take naps, places your cat or raccoon would curl up, places you wouldn’t expect a 50 pound goat to be.  They also stand up on two legs to reach things and can stay upright for a surprising amount of time.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see one walk towards me like a person.  The boy goat curls his upper lip to show his teeth when he finds something funny and my surprise at his human walking ability is hilarious to him.

three brown and white deer grazing on field

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

I wonder at times did an oversized jackrabbit mate with a small deer?  The legends of jackelope – horned, crazy bunnies would make sense if it were possible.  They kind of have camel quality to them also, where they can kneel down at will, or when they are unwilling to cooperate with your intentions to move them.  Brooksie likes to throw a drama queen fit and hurl herself sideways.  She pretends to be one of those adorable fainting goats and then jumps up.  She is not a fainting goat; with her its a complete act.  She just doesn’t like people making decisions for her.  Gus Gus just trots along smiling.

close up of rabbit on field

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We have the daughter of a cabbit – cat/bunny mix.  What I would love to acquire or enable is a morse – horse/moose.  There is a very friendly moose, who mimics Vance’s whinnies and snorts quite well, who follows my gelding from field to field as we alternate his pastures.  I cannot wait to bring or buy some mares here.  The moose who has a crush on Vance is a girl.  She watches me clean up after him, tend to the chickens and goats and then bounds off when I pass too close.  I just hope she doesn’t get killed during moosecow.jpg hunting season.









(I haven’t been able to get a clear shot of my moose so I will use this one by Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69465919).

Brooksie is not sure of the moose.  She panics is Vance is not close by.  The horse is amused by our goats but does not appreciate them trying to hide beneath his belly – which has happened several times this past month.  Brooksie even managed to drag him right up against her little spot the other morning.  He just stood there, looking like a teenager whose parents have bribed into babysitting, waiting for me – Boss Mama – to arrive and comfort the little goat.

Our god Thor is fond of goats too.  It is written 220px-Mountain_Goat_Mount_Massivehis horses were not strong enough to pull his car and so he used two large rams.  Given our 50 pound, pygmies can drag humans about with ease and put up as much resistance as a 1000 pound horse, I’d say mountain goats, who can weigh over 300 pounds would be quite capably strong.  Plus, goats are not timid animals like horses.  They head butt, stand their ground and charge when threatened.  Sounds like a pretty good fit for a warrior god.

brown and beige wooden barn surrounded with brown grasses under thunderclouds

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do goats know where our Thunder God is today?  I’m pretty sure; they are full of secrets – you can tell.  The weather itself seems to pause at times, amused with the goings on of these adorable little creatures.  So I recommend if you are trying to stop time and get some balance in your life, get a goat.




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