Character Hikes Redefined

While I may not be able to lead you on a breathtaking tour of the majestic mountains in Gros Morne, I can still take you on a journey of character development, which was also the focus of our original Character Hike offerings. This is something both children and adults can work on either alone or together, out in the backyard or online with family members and friends they are physically separated from.

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Step One: Don your acting shoes! What role would you like to play? This can be as interesting as you make it. I find historical characters can be quite rewarding. If playing with a group of people you can stay in the same historical period or spice it up by being all across time.

Step Two: You’ve chosen a personality to become, now attempt the morphing! Get some props to help you visualize yourself as this person. It doesn’t matter how intricate if you have a good imagination. Help out family members who find this hard with encouragement and support.

Step Three: In the eyes of the character you are portraying, take a stroll about your environment, seeing things from their point of view. What questions would they ask? What would frighten them? What would amaze them? What details from your ordinary life have you now noticed as being special? How do you speak to your fellow Character Hikers? Are they in the same physical area or exploring from the safety of the internet and therefore finding different “new” things about their regular habitat?

Step Four: With the hand you don’t normally write with, draw yourself and your playing partners as their characters and then compare your art with one another. We’d love to see your visual character descriptions too!

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In the days of the Viking explorers, time was not hectic. Time was paced in the manner of seasons, of night and day, hot and cold, dry and wet, windy or calm. Voyages often took years. Explorations were well prepared for, including lumber, food and livestock, because houses were often built upon final arrival. These were not the days of quick vacations and rushed schedules.

Clothing, when beginning from the very beginning – planting the seeds to grow the flax, harvesting the flax to make the linen, sewing the linen into garments by hand, adding intricate designs – was a well thought out labour of love. No rash shopping decisions, no purchasing the wrong size and demanding a refund. Leather meant hunting down an animal or killing one of the cows and utilizing the skin. Furs were likewise a way of benefitting from the protein sources they had hunted down. Nothing was wasted; there was no garbage.

Farming was something that was much more than a hobby or business enterprise. Farming was survival, evolution of mankind’s journey from prey to predator to intelligent survivor. Plants and minerals were studied, utilized for their abilities to provide food, warmth in the manner of houses, fencing, weapons and tools. Designwork allowed an object to be recognized, to be made special, and to pass away the long evenings by the firelight.

There is something about the sea, that to this day, manages to make time stand still, even in our manic, minute-obsessing, modern world. The rocking of the waves against the shore is a like a lullabye that transports us back to the time of our ancestors. The salt and sun lighten our locks and tan our skin. Our souls can drift away upon the waters of time and return to us, ready to tackle anything.

Make It Last The Whole Day Long!


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It’s got to endure your nervousness, the weather, another player’s misstep, the dirt dive, the sand save and the victory run. Sure you will look incredible as you enter the playing field. Get some photos to post on Instagram with your team, all ready to take down your nearby convenience store rivals. Maybe you’ve brought family for a family reunion on the Rock, and you will be breaking apart into three teams to hash it out for the grand prize. What will you look like in the end?

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Birthday in a Box

LARP is more than dressing up and looking cool. There are physical challenges and its played in the great outdoors. Our LARP is played primarily in Newfoundland – where apparently the Goddess of Winds makes her residence. You need makeup and hair products with staying power.

These have been there before you in the pharmacy aisles all along; they are those overzealous hairsprays and gels that make you look like a punker without even trying. It’s because they weren’t made for a regular day at the office. Lightweights can handle room temperature, elevator brush-ups, and air conditioning breezes. These are for LARP. They may not come right out and say it, but secretly, their designers enjoy a good game of live action role play – I believe it wholeheartedly.

Ironically, one of the best makeup brands for staying put can be the most affordable. Masquera and eye liner must not smduge under duress or is best left on the shelf. Lipstain should not distract you with dried out lips. Foundations will be ridden with sweat and sand. Keep this is in mind. Colors for eyes and cheeks may try to escape as the day goes on. Test powders on your hand, lightly smudge away and hold upside down. If the color is still there it has cling.

e.l.f. cosmeticse.l.f. cosmetics


I realize as I am attempting to line up artists and art judges for this year’s premier LARP Plein Aire Competition, that judging art is much different than say, judging boxing or highland dancing. The latter have clear point systems. Art is completely subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the ability of an artist to convey mood through brush strokes and colour is of course subjective and relative to how the judge perceives mood and color.


So how do we have a fair art competition? Well, selecting judges from different art backgrounds, adding in LARP participants and local or visiting celebrities will give us a variation of opinions. Experts in the world of art will recognize certain techniques, but, who is to say that one artist’s choice of technique is more worthy than another’s?


Publicity for the artists, the joy of painting, the camaraderie of open competition, the beauty of the natural surroundings, the imaginative creativity and energy of the participants will bring artists to this fun competition. Judging is a way to interact with the whole experience even if you haven’t been able to commit to an entire week of painting. There is no point system. What moves you, what gets your attention, what makes you want to say “wow, look at that” – that’s the criteria for making your decision.


LARP GROS MORNE 2020 and LARP Plein Aire

This summer, the week before Writers At Woody Point Festival, get your LARP mojo on.


Because I am the devil

I cannot help but envision the boys from Hell’s Angels coming to play at LARP Gros Morne 2020, particularly entertaining would it be to witness them at the Fairy Bells and Elvish Spells LARP as members of the Fairy Clan and Elvish tribes, with stock market brokers joining the battle as Vikings. It would be such great advertising and the posters would be so fun to create.

It was suggested to me rather innocently – in the way only a person not realizing a Celt is very different than a Christian, can do – to hold some LARP events at the campsite which is to this day run by the Anglican Diocese and called Killdevil Camp, near Lomond in the Gros Morne National Park region. (I kid you not) They also recommended Lomond on the other side.

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e.l.f. cosmetics

Now don’t get me wrong; I was actually a brainwashed Anglican myself for many years, attending church services and trying to convert the lost sheep to Jesus. Then it came time for my first communion and I had a very serious discussion with my mother and grandmother. To them I was about to make a pledge to a terrifying and horrific entity.

They considered this conscious devotion to a god that would throw a child into a lake of fire for not being baptized to be something to avoid or protest against. Look what the Christian god allowed his human creations to do to Jesus? And for what? So future generations could murder, steal, commit acts of violence and treachery and be forgiven if they spoke to a priest and confessed their sins…he had his son die – be tortured and die – for that? And where was his wife? In the beginning there were two of them, creating men and women in their own images….by the time he’s ready to kill family members to save his creations, she’s long gone from the equation. Needless to say, the logic of Celtic women saved me from my first communion.

All that aside, I still have the nagging, inquisitive part of my soul aching to go out and see whether the camp would be a good LARP location. People have told me good things…like the beach is nice and there are fields and inside eating areas…..But could you get proud pagans or a bunch of bikers to show up at a Church Camp? And what would the owners think of events based on the writings of a different god and his family of gods and creatures not recognized or mentioned in the Bible?

Yes, I know of The Good Sheppard – Thor!

I am also terrified I might not make it back to the road. After all, I am the Boss Mama. I am the Canadian Ambassador for The Asatru Community in Atlantic Canada. In the eyes of the Anglican Church, I may be the devil. And they called their camp Killdevil.

I wanted to donate a portion of the profits from the Fairy Bells & Elvish Spells LARP to the Make A Wish Foundation for sick kids, during LARP Gros Morne 2020, this August. So I will be brave, perhaps take a look. Bring my notebook, arrange an informal meeting with the caretaker and just have a look. What harm could it do? I could bring my Italian Mastiff and my son’s Pug, Amara ( named after the Goddess of Darkness). Its 2020. I’m sure I will be okay. And if for some reason Marmalade’s tires don’t make it back onto the road, someone please send in the drones.


Realms or Planets or Countries?

I’ve noticed a trend amongst historians lately to dismiss the old, pagan religions as merely stories that explained natural happenings. Some dare to say Odin, The Allfather was not a powerful Asir god but three different men bearing the same man, ruling countries in Russia and Scandinavia and declaring themselves deities. The nine realms were nothing more than the nine planets observed from the sky and given personalities from their color and size in relation to one another. Some also say the realms could be explained as places vast expanses from one another, here on this planet….what we would call continents or perhaps merely nations that existed separately from one another. Way to downplay, eh?

A lot of this theorizing stems from the fact that we have never yet met Elves or Fairies or Vanir or Asgardians or Trolls so how do we know they really exist? There are plenty of tales of these creatures but they are fables, stories told by people with imagination or drinking habits. The fact that there are Giants amongst the human populations is dismissed as gene mutation. It would seem, that while NASA scientists excitedly explore Saturns moons in hopes of Earth meeting intelligent life within their lifespans, our modern historians are steadfast in proclaiming humans are the only intelligent and self aware beings out there. What’s up with that?

Biologists are your friends if you are pagan because they support the legends with scientific facts to back up their opinions. Of course some gods could be invisible….invisibility is just the inability to be seen, which can happen when an object is too bright or too dark … look at chameleons….at one point in time the entire human race may have been vampires and just gradually became omnivors….people being created from trees makes more sense than making people out of clay…well so far using plants vascular systems for support networks we can generate new organs by adding blood and tissue cells…back from the dead….well look at frogs who seem frozen all winter and then thaw in the spring….crocodiles and snakes who go into an involuntary state of dormancy when they get too cold….oh and karma exists….if we make it impossible for our friendly honey bees to thrive in our modern environments, their carnivorous counterparts will regain control of the area – they don’t need flowers to survive, just meat.

Preparing for LARP Gros Morne 2020

I began this morning in a motivational mood thanks to an email from Jack Canfield #motivationalcoach offering to interview me. I was pulled from an undersea army bunker to partial consciousness with the question: what are your goals for today?

My goals of course for LARP Gros Morne 2020 involve getting props ready, having Elvish lesson manuals prepared, ordering Viking chess boards, sewing up tons of linen costumes, placing a list of weapon favourites into Calimacil, ensuring I’ve got First Aid volunteers and staff ready for the LARP battles in all six locations. My preparation goals are extremely complex and stressful.

You, the partaker, in this amazing week of LARP in a spectacular part of the world known as Gros Morne Mountain Range and Gros Morne National Park (for some activities) can focus on a few less stressful things, like booking a flight or ferry to Newfoundland, deciding where to stay and where to eat, while attending our fun events. Hopefully, Aviking By Hoof can take care of the rest.

Yes, I am offering warrior workouts in the summer BUT, it doesn’t hurt to start now. Some of you will only be in the area for the week of LARP Gros Morne 2020, so those Fridays from May through October won’t do you any good anyway. You don’t need to order a $150 LARP weapon to begin your training either. Getting into a buff bod for the summer season can be done with bath towels and water jugs for weights. I kid you not. So, in order to ensure my guests will be comfortable donning their warrior attire and taking up the foam sword to charge into battle I will add FILMING AND SHARING PRE-SEASON WARRIOR WORKOUTS to my agenda.

Because in Newfoundland, right now, there is a lot of snow down and its very cold outside….I know not all of you will follow along outdoors. For some I may stay indoors as well, to protect the camera. Your mission to begin, is to clear out a space and or find a clear space where you can prepare to become a Viking, Elf, Fairy, Vanir, Giant, Asgardian, Troll, Nymph, Pirate or Hel Devoted.

So goal for today number one is letting you all know that there will be workouts on video coming – beginning this Friday – which will be free to tap into whenever is most convenient for you. She shoots, she scores! Goal accomplished. Go out and have an awesome day folks. Think fitness thoughts. #fitforlife #LARPon #motivation #warrormentality #TAC #paganpride

Love Triangles of the Gods

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Don’t you absolutely love learning about Nordic Mythology? The lives of the gods and goddesses are better than any soap opera on Netflix, Cable TV or Satellite today. Take for example the three love triangles above.

Legends say that Njord fathered (with his sister) the two children named Frey and Freya, who in the midst of the war between the Asir and Vanir, got kidnapped and taken as hostages by Odin’s family. Instead of using the babies as bargaining tools however, the god family becomes smitten with them. They even give little Frey Alfheim “The Realm of the Light Elves” as a first tooth gift. Little Freya, the most beautiful little creature they had ever laid eyes upon next to Baldur, was given Folkvangur.

But, I interject, was it possible that these babies were Odin’s children all along? Could Njord’s wife Skada be the true mother of the twins? Was their relocation to Asgard not a military tactic but the product of an affair with Skada, Njord’s wife, a giantess both Odin and Njord had feelings for? Skada and Njord’s relationship was so strained that they lived in two separate kingdoms and eventually, she left to live in Asgard with Odin and the adopted babies of Njord.

Skada is not officially credited with being the mother of the twins, however Odin wrote: “Night was the child of a giant who fell in love with an Asir named Delling and had by him a son the Day.” Now Freya is called Queen of Night and Baldur’s nickname The Morning Star. Delling translates to “the dawn”. Hel is indisputably the child of Loki. This leaves two possibilities for parentage of the famous “Vanir” twins: one, that Njord’s sister Nerthus is their mother but their father is Loki; or that Skada is their mother and their father is Loki.

Loki, that silver tongued schemer!

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