Do you need help putting together a costume? Are you stumped at developing your character? Not sure how to incorporate personality into costume or which type of clothing is LARP battle worthy? I cannot make a million costumes at once, nor can I promise to have what every costumer is looking for when they show up for a LARP event. That is why I encourage everyone to try and make their own looks, buy or rent costumes they will enjoy wearing and playing in. BUT, I will do my best to help those who need it.

Aviking By Hoof is not only just for LARP costumes, but also where you can order a custom made designer gown, costume for masquerade, stage or party or a unique graduation, wedding, baby shower or birthday gift. You’ve still come to the right web page, even on our Larping off season. Google did not steer you wrong.

Boss Mama has 40 years sewing and knitting experience. She has worked with silks, satins, wool blends and faux furs, entertainers, dancers, children and puppies. So whether you require a mass of tutus in pink crinoline for your daughter’s ballet troupe or an elegant gown to wear to this years New Year’s Eve extravaganza just drop us a line and see what we can put together as a creative team.

Three rules: 1) custom orders must be prepaid; 2) sketches, measurements and fabric specifications must be agreed upon before the project begins; 3) book EARLY to discuss your wishes, to ensure what you want can be done by the time you need or want it.


Because you don’t want to show up with something anyone else can just buy at the local store.

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