Faerie Bells & Elfin Spells

England holds the world record of fairy folk in one area – 878 people. Can Aviking By Hoof break that record? No matter which character type you are playing in the Weekend LARP we ask that you come out to join our FRIDAY FAERIE CIRCLE at 4pm. Directions will be given for parking, etc.


1pm Meet and Greet

2pm Costume/Wig/Makeup Session

3pm Acting the Part – Using Gestures and Body Language as Acting Tools

4pm Crash Course in Elvish.

5pm Supper Break

6pm Tour of the Town and Play Area


1pm Game Play Begins! Prior to supper break all costume/weapon rentals must be turned back in.

5pm Supper Break

6pm Award Ceremony

Legends say the Faerie Folk and the Elfin Tribes were forbidden to intermarry….this summer you’ll find out why.

Keeping their distance from the Midgardians is not always an easy task. Vikings prove to be very clever, notice their surroundings and slight movements. The Faeries are quick to realize merely staying out of sight is not going to work in the situation at hand.

Photo by Georgia Maciel on Pexels.com

The Elfin Royal Family has kidnapped all of the soon to be hatchlings in a desperate attempt to keep control of the soon to be born Halfling – child of Prince Spruce Elf and Princess Chicadee Fae.

Photo by Juliana Stein on Pexels.com

In retaliation, the faeries have stolen bunches of ingredients needed by the Elfin Magi. Without training or proper understanding, they have begun attempting spell after spell to find their offspring, with disastrous consequences.

A badly damaged Viking ship lands upon the sand just as the two sides agree to do battle. Their weapons and gear are quickly plundered. Their food supplies stolen. In disbelief they are taken hostage by the creatures…momentarily. After all, Vikings are warriors, skilled at battle.

When you register, you will be given a character type(VIKING, FAERIE, ELF). This is so you will have time to decide on the personality, look, backstory or any issues you’d like your character to have.

If that seems like too much work and you’d rather just act out a character that’s already created that’s no problem, one will be written up for you. Just let us know as quickly as possible, if that is your choice.

COSTUMES – these can be as elaborate or simple as you choose. Remember, you will be running, hopping, carrying items, mock fighting and carrying on; choose something that does not hinder movement.

WEAPONS – safety is a priority. Foam based weapons can be durable, look very realistic and keep folks from getting seriously hurt. Most online companies deliver within 2 weeks, but the further you plan ahead, the less likely for any disappointments.

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