LARP Gros Morne 2020

6 LARP events scheduled the first weekend in each month, from May thru October! $15/player per day or $25/weekend for those who preregister online in advance: $25/player per day or $40/weekend for last minute players. Character Selection Options available by request or upon registration. Games are three teams of seven rivals. Costumes are required to play. Costumes, accessories, armour and weaponry sold/rented separately.

Réductions tarifaires de groupe. 15 $/joueur ou 25$/weekend pour les joueurs qui s’inscrivent en ligne à l’avanceles. Jeux plafonnés à 21 participants, quotidienne, mai jusqu’à ce qu’ils atteignent cette limite sont ouverts jusqu’à l’heure de début du jeu chaque jour. Choisissez parmi 3 types de personnages à jouer: Viking, Costumes, accessoires, armures et armes vendus/loués séparément.

May 1st-5th, 2020 Fairy Bells & Elvish Spells.

FAIRY FUNDRAISER for Make -A – Wish foundation, May 1st

LARP May 2nd and 3rd from 1 pm to 5 pm.

CHARACTER HIKE of Hummock Trail at 9am

Elvish Lessons Workshop May 4th at 2pm

Runic Magic Workshop May 5th at 10 am

Celtic Knot Workshop May 5th at 1 pm

June 3rd to 7th Wedding To Remember

Handfasting Ceremony June 3rd at 6pm

Runic Magic Workshop June 4th at 6pm

Celtic Knot-making Workshop June 5th at 6pm

Live Action Role Play June 6th and 7th at 1pm – 5pm each day

July 3rd -7th Mummers vs Mountain Trolls.

Mountain Troll Stroll CHARACTER HIKE of OLD MAN TRAIL July 3rd at 9 am

Live Action Role Play July 4th and 5th from 1pm to 5pm

Runic Magic Workshop July 6th at 2pm

Fairy Pretty Ugly Stick Workshop July 7th at 2pm

August 1st -5th Realm Collide

Live Action Role Play August 1st and 2nd from 1pm to 5pm each day

Loki – the mischief maker/ shapeshifter Discussion August 3rd at 4pm

Viking Chess Workshop August 4th at 4pm

CHARACTER HIKE on Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park August 5th at 1 pm

September 3rd to 7th, 2020 Age of Eddas

Runic Magic Workshop September 3rd at 6pm

Viking Chess September 4th at 6pm

LARP September 5th and 6th from 1pm to 5pm each day

Warrior Women Workshop September 7th at 11 am

Photo by Ferdinand Studio on

October 1st-5th, 2020 Hel or High Water.

Celtic Knot Tying Workshop October 1st at 4 pm

CHARACTER HIKE of Trout River Pond, October 2nd at 9 am

Elvish to Newfanese Workshop October 2nd at 4pm

LARP October 3rd and4th from 1pm-5pm each day

Goddess of the Dead Discussion October 5th

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