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Faerie Bells & Elfin Spells

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A forbidden love has wreaked havoc upon the Woodlands Faerie Clan; the young prince Thorn has fallen for none other than Elfin princess Wildflower.  Faeries are losing their power to affect nature.  Their faerie bells have stopped glowing.  Elves are becoming mesmerized by their surroundings, lost in their own territories.  Their spells are not working against the trolls.  Giants have seized the opportunity to take back part of the plateau both groups worked together to rid them from years ago.


     Depending upon which character type you register as, your character will be ushered into that particular faction for an emergency meeting.  You will be debriefed on the upcoming battle and you must not waste any time preparing for it!
Giants want control of the field across the river.  While they view members of the Elfin tribes as hostile, they tend to be amused by the Faerie Clan members.  Their tactics may change however, when they realize alliances have been made.
     The Windsweepers Elfin Tribe is primarily focused on finding the missing child of Thorn and Wildflower.  The wandering faery/elf has the ability to transform giants, trolls, elves and faeries into other beings.  They are also convinced the lost fairie bells and their inability to glow are the result of the child’s mischief.  In order to get help they may be willing to make deals with whomever they feel will help their progress but will readily do battle with anyone who stands in their way.  They are missing several fragments of an important spell and must find them before they fall into the wrong hands.  Luckily their slab is written in Elvish.
     The Faerie Clan is desperate to get their faery bells glowing again, so much so that they are willing to raid all of the Elfin treasure chest of spells to find the one they feel is responsible to reverse it.  They want the marriage of Thorn and Wildflower dissolved and the child banished.  They have no intentions of suffering any more harm because of Wildflower disobeying the Queen and King and are willing to trade her a giant or mountain troll in secret.
     The Mountain Trolls will kill both faeries or elves if provoked, but they have an obsession with currency.  They will demand lite coins or goods of value when paths cross, before resorting to violence.  If they believe capturing your character will gain coins they may spare your life.  They also enjoy destroying things for fun, so keep them safely away from any valuable items. They fear the Copper Crust Giants and will attempt to blend in with their surroundings (like moose do) when spotted or run.
Click to view the Wallace Brook Trail area map.


Copper Crust Giants

Mission List
  • Maintain Current Territory
  • Gain Desired Riverside Territory from Elvin Tribe
  • Make an alliance with the Faerie Clan
  • Capture the baby Rosewood
  • Kill any roaming mountain trolls
  • Destroy the 5 campsites of the Elfin tribe
Woodland Faerie Clan 
Mission List
  • Find and banish Wildflower and her baby.
  • Gather back the lost faerie bells and place them in the Sacred Oak nest to invoke the Faerie Goddess Raven for help.
  • Collect the ingredients to the elfin spells retrieved from the Elfin camp
  • Perform the Elfin Spell that renders them as powerful as the Copper Crust Giants
  • Avoid getting captured or killed
  • Bribe the giants into helping them with their goals
  • Expand the Faerie Territory and keep it by the end of the game.
Elfin Tribe
Mission List
  • Find and protect Thorn, Wildflower and Rosewood.
  • Gather the ingredients to form a Protection Spell to keep the mixed royal family safe.
  • Gather as many faerie bells as possible.
  • Hide any ingredients they may deem dangerous to have about during wartime
  • Do battle with the giants to ensure they do not get close to Elfin Territory.
  • Bribe any trolls lurking about to help them keep away faeries.
  • Capture any faeries caught on Elfin territory.
  • Force the King and Queen of the Faerie Clan to sign a Peace Treaty and declare Wildflower and Rosewood Elves.
  • Create an even larger territory and keep it by the end of gameplay.
Mountain Troll
Mission List
  • Guard the bridge and the entrance on either side to it.
  • Demand coins from anyone who attempts to cross over to either side.
  • Capture or kill anyone in the area who has no coins.
  • Hide from giants.
  • Destroy anything built, collected or hidden by any other character type.
  • Make coin trades with enemies for prisoners.
  • Search for any dropped items of value or coins themselves.
Experience Points Rewarded
100 points for executing strategy as planned
150 points for not suffering any damage during attack
100 points for retrieving bonus items from clues
50 points for making enemies move their camp to a different location
20 points per kill
15 points per capture
5 points for successfully hiding items from rivals * under no circumstances is anyone to place anything in the Wallace Brook itself
5 points per faerie bell kept by game end
15 points for stolen items kept by game end
100 points for every ten feet of territory gained by game end
1 point for every 10 lite coins earned.Lite Coins
Faerie money can be earned by anyone in the game. You can choose to do side missions that give you Lite Coins, you can earn currency doing work for a faerie that requests help, you can be bribed with Lite Coins for favours, you can steal them from other players, find them by solving riddles or making hostage trades.You can use your Lite Coins to upgrade your wardrobe, add on accessories, rent a different weapon, get a comfort item, buy fruit or water, purchase new campsite materials, etc.
 Playing Map will be sent as PDF attachment via email or snail mailed to those who pre-register online.  Costumes are currently still being created.  Once finished they will be featured on this page.  Check back soon.  You may reserve costumes for your character or request certain size adjustments in advance to the game.  There will be a selection to choose from onsite.  If you are booking a regular admission you must either rent a costume or bring your own.  Weapons can be pre-booked, rented on-site or your own can be used provided it meets our safety requirements that it is made of foam with no sharp points that do not give under pressure.
If you’d like to see the grandeur of the area we’ll be playing in go to Parks Canada’s Gros Morne page

There’s much evidence that Vikings had a right to believe in giants. Read about this discovery of a copper mine and tools belonging to Giants.

Faeries have been encountered in right here in Newfoundland.  Learn about their trickster ways and allied elf attacks on The Rock.

Mountain Trolls, well, if you don’t believe in them already, by mid July you will!  We are having a Mountain Troll Festival July 14th through 17th that should be lots of fun.  Why not get a selfie with one, or attend the Mountain Troll Stroll in Corner Brook?

Aviking By Hoof welcomes those who would like to volunteer.  In exchange for free gameplay, volunteers can come in costume, rent one of our costumes and/or weapons and help us keep track of player’s points, give players side missions, act as vital clue holders, etc.  Character types are limited so volunteers must accept whichever type is open at the beginning of gameplay.  You may register by contacting us or registering on the EVENTBRITE.CA page.

Powerful Faerie Magic

 Fresh Your Looks,Early Summer Special SALES!

The whole purpose of Aviking By Hoof’s  Faery Dream Petals and Leaves and are to give you something that makes the world of difference in a hectic, stressful world: a clear mind.



Thoughts are out there like radio waves, bouncing around off people, off each other, causing all sorts of undetected turmoil, like an undertow at the beach.

Pearly Everlasting is a naturally growing herb (in Atlantic Canada) that has a very unique ability; it is a mojo neutralizer.  Wild peppermint is a natural focus stimulant.  Together these two herbs help your brain focus on YOUR thought energies and YOURS alone.

So if you place one of the Faery Leaves or Dream Petals under your own pillow, the only thoughts in your head will be your own. Other . Other people’s feelings: fears, worries, hatred, jealousy, anger, resentment, frustration, apathy; these will be kept safely at bay. So it’s like an eight hour time out from stress – which is what sleep is supposed to be – rest.

Now, some people have very intentional stressors in their life. These negative people might add stress via their thoughts, words or bad vibes to your work environment, your favourite place to spend time. That’s why Aviking By Hoof also offers Faerie Bells. You can hang them up at work, close to your desk; you can take them shopping with you and hang them on the cart, or carry in your purse or pocket. Leave one hanging in your car, to stay more focused while driving.

Nightmares can wreak havoc on a person’s daytime energy.  Don’t let your mind and body suffer while you sleep.  Enjoy a restful sleep and awake with a clear, focused mind.

To order go to Bring Home Newfoundland.
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Introducing Green Gardens

BP0312CANADA_HOWE_GrosMorneGreenGardens_STH6342_bjk_445x260Green Gardens is part of Gros Morne National Park’s wonderful collection of hiking paths here in Western Newfoundland.  Just before the town of Trout River, you embark upon a rocky footpath that is not so green.  Sparse clumps of pitcher plants, spreads of creeping juniper, rocks covered with moss and lichen appear scattered here and there.  And so your journey goes, until you reach the crest of the first hill.  Then the green begins!pitchers

“Green Gardens” is the newest pony available in the Newfoundland Country Pony Collection and the first with eyes, because a tiny customer reminded me “if they don’t ‘ave no eyes hows they supposed to see?”

Hand made of cotton, rayon, fleece, polyester and chenille. Stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fibrefill.  She reflects the variegated colors of the plants and rocks you’ll find while embarking on this amazing adventure. You’ll find her at the amazing craft/gift shop right next to the Ultramar in Deer Lake, Newfoundland.




As a Live Action Role Play special events co-ordinator and script writer, I want people who love larping to know about what I’ve put together.  I also want people who would like to attend my LARP to know what their options are with regards to costumes, weapons, armor, etc.  At Aviking By Hoof, the scenic Gros Morne area is a major part of our appeal, aside from the events themselves.

With that respect, I realize other places offering Live Action Role Playing events are not truly my competitors, but colleagues in an interesting field of outdoor gameplay (pardon the pun).  As of late, I am frustrated by various internet hosting websites attempting to take large chunks from LARP sales and request banking information to do so.

Many LARP events held in places with large populations can offer their events free of charge.  Some events are free for first time players.  Some LARP organizations are run through volunteers and are nonprofits.  Others, like Aviking By Hoof, hope to be a source of employment for local gamers, crafters, and students.

So I am welcoming ALL types of LARP eventers to post their listings through AVIKING BY HOOF on a LARP COMMUNITY page FREE of charge.  I think the benefits of this activity need to be promoted.  Sell your tickets on your own page, showcase your listings on ours.  You keep control of your money.
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Day/Night Dilemma

I do so want to hold the first Aviking By Hoof 2018 season Weekend LARP “Vampires On The Rock” in the dark because, well, only certain vampires can stand sunlight and it just doesn’t seem fair!  But realistically, from the standpoint of an organizer who has a responsibility to ensure gameplay is held when it is safest and most convenient for players and other campers in the area, we will be holding all events in the daylight.

How will this affect battle? Am I automatically stacking the tides in favor of the Vikings?  Well,  possibly.  I guess that will truly depend upon the brilliance of the gaming Larpers who come out to play.  You see, some people do things casually; others do a lot of background work.  They don’t just pick out a costume.  They pick out a character, fiddle around with personality quirks and backstories, then they begin deciding how to convey what they’ve created to the other players who – well – cannot read their mind.

Costumes are the great nonverbal expressers.  Armor and weapons choice also says a lot about a character without that player actually saying a word.  Weekend LARP does give you two full days to interact with your team, your enemies, your allies and your indifferent but we’re hoping that its like having a just one spoonful of ice cream.  Its a tease compared to the Dramatic Intent 6 Days of LARP option.  Plus on the flipside, there’s also another Weekend LARP of your favourite theme later that summer, which can never truly be a repeat because with each new player, the game changes entirely, and if you’ve had a chance to mull things over, you won’t be making the same mistakes next time either.



Newfoundland Ponies

Come the switchover from horse pulled wagons, horse pulled plowing, haying devices, logging sleighs and tamigans to that of modernized vehicles, farm machinery and snowmobiles, the Newfoundland Pony became scarce.  Many were sold to auctions for glue or meat.  The breed, which originated from various European ponies and horses, came to be unique for its ability to withstand the harsh winds, strong cold winters, damp weather, bogs and forests rather than fields with sparse grasses.chimneycovepasture

Today, people are attempting to bring back the Newfoundland Pony. The coastal community of Trout River, Newfoundland uses a community pasture located in nearby Chimney Cove (our featured image shot) for summer turnout of horses, ponies and cattle.  The animals make the long trek themselves in the fall, back to the community following one of the trails we offer.  See our complete Trail Rides package options.



You can help Aviking By Hoof establish a healthy herd of these adorable, intelligent, little equines in a closer pasture, more easily reached by staff and visitors alike.  By purchasing handmade Newfoundland Country Ponies, you allow us to purchase real Newfoundland ponies and have them delivered to Gros Morne area of Newfoundland. You can check back on our website for updates or sign up for our our monthly newsletter called The Pony Diaries beginning in June 2018.


These little versions are 22″ high from hoof to ear tip and 22″ long from nose to tail.  Various materials make up the outer shell.  They are stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fibrefill. Manes and tails are yarns of wool, acrylic, cotton and/or chenille.  Each one is named after a designated area of Newfoundland and given a map like birthmark of the province.


Assorted Patchwork $74.00 CAD
Real Pony Colors $74.00 CAD
LARP inspired $74.00 CAD
Custom * $174.00 CAD

For more information on the Newfoundland Pony in general go see the Newfoundland Pony Society Website.  The real ponies you help buy will be here for people to enjoy when they come visit.  You can choose to have your name, a child’s name, or horse loving friend’s name placed on the real pony’s stable door on the “thanks to” plaques we are engraving; every 10 ponies sold brings one real pony here!

brinopony Thank you!  Hope to see you here this summer!


Trolling Along

IMG_20180301_130700I met these two “Guards of Elfdom” while trekking through the Wallace Brook area of Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.  IMG_20180307_112122

Whilst trolling for costume ideas, nature inspired me with a lot of texture and colour through these exposed patches of moss covered rocks and entangled shrubbery.


The foam and sparkles of light upon the Trout River made me reflect upon Faeries, whilst the hair-like shore grasses reminded me I was searching for Troll inspiration.


I love the layering effect of the Juniper against the mosses and lichens, the ease of which the colors merge and the stark differences of texture coexisting in the same limited space



And of course, the troll hair in unmistakeable green.


Can you spot the wee man and his much larger companion?  Hope to see you all at this summer’s Mountain Troll Festival!
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Dreaming of Summer


Lose yourself this summer and become part of the Newfoundland wilderness.  We’ve got trails galore and the scenery is…..well amazing.


Learn though LARP under the watchful eye of the Elephant’s Head mountain with several themes to choose from in our Dramatic Intent Acting Camp 6 Day packages.


You are just minutes from Trout River, Woody Point, Shallow Brook and Birchy Head.




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