Pricing for 2020 LARP & Workshops

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Take your vacation to new heights or just escape your routine for a weekend adventure. Leave yourself behind, don a role or create one. We’ve got six themed LARP experiences, pre-larping trail hikes, warrior training and more!

Character Hikes

Hike the beautiful Trout River side of Gros Morne as part of a small group in costume and character as preparation for a Weekend LARP or just for fun! For trails in the Gros Morne National Park a Park Pass must be purchased.

*if you are already registered for a Weekend LARP, these are included in your admission fee*

$45/person gets you a guided tour, costume rental and acting exercise. If you’d like to have memories of your journey in character there are photo package options from staff photographer Jason Blair Rogers.

Warrior Workouts and Workshops

Here for the entire week or a few days ahead? Learn the moves of the character you’ll be portraying in a Weekend LARP adventure and explore the reasons why you chose who you are portraying.

*Free with WEEKEND LARP ticket*

$15/workout if you are coming just to get fit and have fun but not yet LARPing.

Children are free but must accompany a parent if under 12 years of age.

Weekend LARP

Three teams will pit their wits against one another; use cunning, creativity and communication to win. Great for family reunions, birthday or special events parties, businesses weekend getaways, organizational human resource management conferences and avid LARPers of course. Costume and weapon rental included.


$216/person for groups of 3 -5 MUST PRE-REGISTER

$204/person for groups of 6-9 MUST PRE-REGISTER

Free admission for children 18 and under (costume/weapon rental separate) Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Costume rentals extra.

Elvish, Runic and Celtic Knot Workshops

Delve into the ancient forms of communication. Create artwork and crafts you can take with you. Develop a new appreciation for languages and translation. Get caught up in the mysterious legends of fairies, elves and runic magic. Three hour workshops in the great outdoors. Materials will be provided.


$40/person in groups of 3-5 people

This site is migrating at the end of the month, more details of workshops will be on that one. Should you require costumes for a LARP near you please go to for costume pieces tailored to your needs.

Pre-registration for groups is recommended a week in advance of scheduled workshop dates.

La préinscription pour les groupes est recommandée une semaine avant les dates prévues de l’atelier.

Email us : or give us a tweet @avikingbyhoof

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