Realm Collide

This LARP would be best for those with no experience in the realm of Live Action Role Play.  Characters can be chosen or created.  Any time period is acceptable, any character from history can be incorporated into the gameplay.

Loki, brother of Thor and Baldur, adopted son of Odin and Frigga, has been transporting midgardians (humans) from different time periods and leaving them in the Newfoundland forest.  Their guards are river nymphs, truly loyal to Loki, unable to be bribed or threatened to get any information.

Each player must figure out who all of their fellow captives are and where they are from.  Some players will be selected to have malicious intent; it will become clear as the game goes on, that sussing out these enemies before they strike is a good idea.  Players will also find out there is a god with amnesia amongst them.

Good people skills will get you far in this LARP.  Conversations are the basis for informational flow and humour.  The nymphs will conduct challenges to determine which player will be sacrificed and when, so stay on your toes and try to be nimble.  Speed, agility, grace and a sense of humour will score you big points with the god of mischief.



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