Mountain Troll Strolling Along/Troll de montagne se promenant le long

#mountaintrollstroll Happy Mother’s Day everyone! For today I thought I would throw in a bonus geological formation, which depending on your imagination, could be a not so furry baby of a mountain troll. Remember to tag your artwork with #mountaintrollstroll! If you are just joining in to our Mountain Troll Stroll, there are photos ofContinue reading “Mountain Troll Strolling Along/Troll de montagne se promenant le long”

And the search for mountain trolls begins!/Et la recherche de trolls de montagne commence!

Photo One! La première photo! #MOUNTAINTROLLSTROLL I can spot four, but you may see more! This shot is taken down at the harbourfront corner by the Granite Café in Woody Point. Note the very flat, Tablelands….these are reachable when you turn up Route 431 towards Trout River and part of Gros Morne National Park. JeContinue reading “And the search for mountain trolls begins!/Et la recherche de trolls de montagne commence!”

Virtual Mountain Troll Stroll /Promenade Virtuelle de Troll de Montagne

You cannot beat the geological wonders of Newfoundland, aptly nicknamed “The Rock” and if you are as into Scandinavian folklore as much as we are at Aviking By Hoof, you would look at rock structures with imagination too. So, just because COVID 19 is keeping you from visiting this wondrous place right now, doesn’t meanContinue reading “Virtual Mountain Troll Stroll /Promenade Virtuelle de Troll de Montagne”

Battle Backdrop

Aside from honing your battle skills, letting go of stress and realities woes, meeting new people and having a lot of fun, Aviking By Hoof offers you the amazing backdrop of western Newfoundland’s Gros Morne while you LARP. Just walking from one playing field to the next offers amazing views.  This road also leads toContinue reading “Battle Backdrop”

Introducing Green Gardens

Green Gardens is part of Gros Morne National Park’s wonderful collection of hiking paths here in Western Newfoundland.  Just before the town of Trout River, you embark upon a rocky footpath that is not so green.  Sparse clumps of pitcher plants, spreads of creeping juniper, rocks covered with moss and lichen appear scattered here andContinue reading “Introducing Green Gardens”

Newfoundland Ponies

Come the switchover from horse pulled wagons, horse pulled plowing, haying devices, logging sleighs and tamigans to that of modernized vehicles, farm machinery and snowmobiles, the Newfoundland Pony became scarce.  Many were sold to auctions for glue or meat.  The breed, which originated from various European ponies and horses, came to be unique for itsContinue reading “Newfoundland Ponies”

Trolling Along

I met these two “Guards of Elfdom” while trekking through the Wallace Brook area of Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.  Whilst trolling for costume ideas, nature inspired me with a lot of texture and colour through these exposed patches of moss covered rocks and entangled shrubbery. The foam and sparkles of light upon the TroutContinue reading “Trolling Along”

Mountain Trolls

Mountain Trolls are part of Scandinavian legends, but looking at “Troll Sightings” you will notice their Mountain Trolls are often huge! These are not the “fit under your kitchen chair” variety of beings. They are more in line with Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings.  Though human like in some ways, their distorted features and plant orContinue reading “Mountain Trolls”