What Motivates YOU? Qu’est-ce qui vous motive?

Goals. Its interesting how the term is different in business than in sports. To score a goal in hockey is to successfully get the puck into the net. In business the goal must be accomplished; a goal is an elusive thing that must be defined and worked upon before it can be achieved. A hockeyContinue reading “What Motivates YOU? Qu’est-ce qui vous motive?”

Spring is just a winter away!

So don’t throw out that Christmas Elf costume! Aviking By Hoof has Business Conference Packages for work teams in the spring. Choose the LARP (duke it out with foam weapons) style of human resource development or the calmer, WORKSHOP approach with lessons in Elvish, Rune Magic, Celtic Knots a Character Hike and game of VikingContinue reading “Spring is just a winter away!”