Love Triangles of the Gods

Njord/Skada/Odin Baldur/Frey/HelI Loki/Skada/Nerthus Don’t you absolutely love learning about Nordic Mythology? The lives of the gods and goddesses are better than any soap opera on Netflix, Cable TV or Satellite today. Take for example the three love triangles above. Legends say that Njord fathered (with his sister) the two children named Frey and Freya, whoContinue reading “Love Triangles of the Gods”


I was taught in school that the sun is 93 million miles away from Earth, that if it died, light would still shine on for another 100 years, such was the understanding of time, energy and speed of light. I’m going to give you an exercise that challenges that theory. Its based on the beliefContinue reading “Sunshine”