#mountaintrollstroll Day Two of our Virtual Mountain Troll Stroll through Newfoundland I think I was too hard on people with my first Mountain Troll photo so I made it pretty easy today. This Mountain Troll couple overlooks the Trout River, in the coastal community with the same name. I can also see another, perhaps schemingContinue reading “FOR THE LOVE OF TROLLING! CAN YOU SPOT THE MOUNTAIN TROLL COUPLE?”

The Fabricated Newfie/Le Newfie fabriqué

Have you ever watched a science fiction, fairy tale or historical film that just seemed … well…fake? Was it the directing? The acting? Were the props and settings unbelievable? Or was it the costumes? Avez-vous déjà regardé une science-fiction, conte de fées ou un film historique qui vient de sembler … Bien… Faux? C’était laContinue reading “The Fabricated Newfie/Le Newfie fabriqué”

Trail Blazers

Just outside the boundaries of the small community of Trout River lies the Gros Morne National Park (where the featured image here is taken).  If you go on past the Trout River Campsite inside the park the scenery continues! Aviking By Hoof will take you on horseback through these trails and branch off roads onContinue reading “Trail Blazers”

Battle Backdrop

Aside from honing your battle skills, letting go of stress and realities woes, meeting new people and having a lot of fun, Aviking By Hoof offers you the amazing backdrop of western Newfoundland’s Gros Morne while you LARP. Just walking from one playing field to the next offers amazing views.  This road also leads toContinue reading “Battle Backdrop”