The Troll Who Found Me/Le troll qui m’a trouvé

#mountaintrollstroll While I was searching my phone and computer photo files for a clear shot of a locally famous Mountain Troll that is quite reachable while hiking in Trout River, I started to get lost on the wonderful, sunny shots of Chimney Cove, the horses and cows on the beach, my son playing with myContinue reading “The Troll Who Found Me/Le troll qui m’a trouvé”

Realms or Planets or Countries?

I’ve noticed a trend amongst historians lately to dismiss the old, pagan religions as merely stories that explained natural happenings. Some dare to say Odin, The Allfather was not a powerful Asir god but three different men bearing the same man, ruling countries in Russia and Scandinavia and declaring themselves deities. The nine realms wereContinue reading “Realms or Planets or Countries?”

So what is LARP?

Live Action Role Play or LARP is a combination of impromptu live theatre and competitive gaming.  So if you are participating in such, you are LARPING. It is played, for the most part, outdoors, with groups of people who aren’t afraid to channel their inner child warrior spirit, or at give that spirit a fightingContinue reading “So what is LARP?”

Battle Backdrop

Aside from honing your battle skills, letting go of stress and realities woes, meeting new people and having a lot of fun, Aviking By Hoof offers you the amazing backdrop of western Newfoundland’s Gros Morne while you LARP. Just walking from one playing field to the next offers amazing views.  This road also leads toContinue reading “Battle Backdrop”

Stomping on Stereotypes

All too often we see Vikings portrayed as mindless brutes, jumping off boats and thrashing their way through villages with mindless savagery….but lets stop and think for a moment about the peoples the Romans referred to as Barbarians. They were physically fit, intelligent, clean, believed in male/female equality and were well groomed. They had theirContinue reading “Stomping on Stereotypes”