The Troll Who Found Me/Le troll qui m’a trouvé

#mountaintrollstroll While I was searching my phone and computer photo files for a clear shot of a locally famous Mountain Troll that is quite reachable while hiking in Trout River, I started to get lost on the wonderful, sunny shots of Chimney Cove, the horses and cows on the beach, my son playing with myContinue reading “The Troll Who Found Me/Le troll qui m’a trouvé”

Introducing Green Gardens

Green Gardens is part of Gros Morne National Park’s wonderful collection of hiking paths here in Western Newfoundland.  Just before the town of Trout River, you embark upon a rocky footpath that is not so green.  Sparse clumps of pitcher plants, spreads of creeping juniper, rocks covered with moss and lichen appear scattered here andContinue reading “Introducing Green Gardens”

Newfoundland Ponies

Come the switchover from horse pulled wagons, horse pulled plowing, haying devices, logging sleighs and tamigans to that of modernized vehicles, farm machinery and snowmobiles, the Newfoundland Pony became scarce.  Many were sold to auctions for glue or meat.  The breed, which originated from various European ponies and horses, came to be unique for itsContinue reading “Newfoundland Ponies”

The Two Sides of You

LARP offers you more than a chance to exercise, interact with new people, get outdoors in different surroundings; it offers you a chance to get YOU back, by ironically playing someone else. I know it seems illogical that a fictitious story plot, characters that are not always even human, extravagant costumes, makeup and wigs couldContinue reading “The Two Sides of You”